More .hack sign for non-action fans

Are you really an action hater who loves shows that don’t actually do anything a lover of great music, awesome, coherent, fluid and well-balanced plot in .hack sigh…sign, that is, series?

From Anime News Network

New .hack//G.U. Trilogy OVA Set for January 25 Release
CyberConnect2 studio has announced a new 85-minute .hack//G.U. Trilogy OVA, based on the three popular .hack//G.U. role-playing games, that Bandai Namco Games and Bandai Visual will release on January 25 on Blu-ray Disc and DVD in Japan.

Ray’s take:…I’m bored…Even news of .hack sigh series bores me…YAWN…Time to beat my head silly with that paper fan labeled “dull-ass-shows made by an action studio trying to proof something” so I can stay awake.

3 thoughts on “More .hack sign for non-action fans”

  1. It’s a show with an very unique concept – but it’s difficult to deliver the goods with that concept.

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