Makoto Shinkai Makes a Commercial

No, it’s not the ef–a tale of memories OP. It’s an actual commercial, for the Shinano Mainichi Shimbun newspaper. It’s only 15 seconds, it’s got everything you expect from Shinkai–dappled light, terrifically fluid animation, soppy piano music. You can watch it here, though you will need Quicktime. (Source: Anime News Service.)

Mike’s Take: I think this is the first Makoto Shinkai production that isn’t about childhood friends separating and feeling really, really angsty about it.

For more directors making weird commercials, check out the soap commercials Ingmar Bergman made in the 1950s.

2 thoughts on “Makoto Shinkai Makes a Commercial”

  1. lol yeah it’s just about fathers and daughters separating and feeling really, really angsty about it?

  2. Cheers Mike, that made my day. I was half expecting ‘the future’s bright…the future’s orange’ in Japanese or something at the end though. :P

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