Lelouch talks about the History of the Great Empire of Brittannia

From News at games at eNet.com (China)

The first “FAN DISC” for “Lelouch the Rebellions” and it includes a seminar from Mr. Lelouch (Lelouch the teacher)

…vol.1 will be released by BANDAI Visual and be on sale on December 21st, 2007, and priced at 3990 yen. It’ll include goodies such as famous scenes, famous lines of the characters, Sayoko’s diary, and “Mr. Lelouch’s seminar on the history of Great Britain”

Ray’s take: Ok children (read: fangirls), gather around and listen to Mr. Lelouch talking about the imperial history of Great Britain and bask in its glorious history of the conquest of Elevenians! Don’t forget to drool on the teacher, OK?

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