Good news for Singaporean anime lovers.

From the Zel on the MAL news team

Odex’s court order forcing Pacific Internet to give names of people who have downloaded anime illegally has failed. Judge Ernest Lau ruled that
Judge Ernest Lau said:
Only copyright owners – that is, the studios that made the anime – or an ‘exclusive licensee’ for the anime being downloaded, can take legal action under the Singapore Copyright Act.

Odex is a sub-licensee and had letters from rights owners authorising it to take action on their behalf, but the firm was neither a copyright owner or an ‘exclusive licensee’.

An exclusive licensee has the sole right to distribute a product in a certain market.

By the sounds of it, Odex does not have the right to sue downloaders

Source: The Straits Times

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  1. Odex didn’t file the suit; AVPAS, Anti Video Piracy Association of Singapore, filed the suit, and the judge has ruled that AVPAS has no standing. The ability of Odex to file a direct suit has not yet been tested.

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