Death Note screening by Viz.

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Viz Gets ‘Death Note’ Live Action Features
Theatrical and DVD Rights

Viz Pictures has acquired the North American theatrical and DVD rights to the two live action Death Note features: Death Note and Death Note: The Last Name.

The first Viz screenings will be at Austin’s Fantastic Fest this weekend and at the Vancouver Asian Film Festival in November.

Ray’s take: hit me but I haven’t seen any Death Note at all. Just never got around to it. I did remember the movies did very well in when they came out here in Taiwan. From everything I’ve heard, it’s recommended.

3 thoughts on “Death Note screening by Viz.”

  1. Jeremy–a huge Death Note fan–really dislikes the live action movies. Says they got the characters wrong, big time. I haven’t watched them myself, but I certainly highly recommend the anime.

  2. I like the Live Action movies. They did do things a bit different, but I thought it made a lot of sense, and as a story, stayed true to the basic characters.

    Now as far as the anime goes, I wish they would have quit at about episode 25, so since the anime doesn’t try to fit in the second anime arc, which I felt was vastly inferior to the first, that may have something to do with my like of the movies.

    My General thought would be

    First Anime Arc > Live Action Movies > Second Anime Arc.

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