Damn it! Why do they have so many anime conventions in LA?

From ANN

PMX Hosts Seiyū Yukana, Claymore’s Director & Designer

Pacific Media Expo has announced that voice actress and singer Yukana, director Hiroyuki Tanaka, and character designer Takahiro Umehara will appear at the November 9-11 convention at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport in California. Yukana’s many roles have included Card Captor Sakura’s Meilin, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion’s C.C., My-HiME’s Mashiro, and Wedding Peach’s Yuri. Beyond her acting career, she recorded the theme songs for several anime including My-Otome, My-Otome Zwei, and Wedding Peach. Yukana started her career under her birth name Yukana Nogami, but she later shortened her stage name to just Yukana…

Ray’s take: A slow beginning to the week, but those who live in LA, another cute seiyuu for you guys to ogle…

3 thoughts on “Damn it! Why do they have so many anime conventions in LA?

  1. I know what you mean…came back from Cali for Expo and do not wanna go back again. Why can’t Yukana come to NY???

  2. I missed Kotoko while she was in TO… ;_; That’s one of the only big time idols that was here in Canada at some point…
    I love Yukana, but seriously WHY most California have the monpoly of it all!?

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