At least they have a kid playing a kid…

From Anime News Service

Negima! Drama Lead Selected

13 year old actress Kashiwa Yukina will play the roll of nine and three quarters-year-old child prodigy, mage and teacher Negi Springfield in the forthcoming TV Tokyo Live Action drama Maho Sensei Negima! Parallel. The news came out during a production symposium held in Tokyo September 1st.

Ray’s take: Oh please, don’t do that on the keyboard! She’s 13 for God’s sake!

8 thoughts on “At least they have a kid playing a kid…

  1. This is a live action drama, though. Are they changing Negi’s gender? How will the patented Akamatsu fan service work then? 🙂 Though I notice the title is “parallel”–does that mean they’ve reversed the sexes so that instead a little girl is teaching a class of 30 adolescent boys? That would be a riot. Literally, too, I bet.

  2. shh227 – My guess is that they’ll have her playing a boy. So just imagine the possibilities…

  3. Wow loll… Well… What can I say… Uhhh let’s see Crossdressing gender bender? Has Negima changed it’s plot?

    Hmmmm well it can’t be as good-I mean bad, as a Strawberry Panic live action.
    -returns to giggling like a japanese schoolgirl-

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