Yuu (Julia) Asakawa Interview – AX 2010 Press Junket

Yuu (Julia) Asakawa Interview – AX 2010 Press Junket from Anime Diet on Vimeo.

Yuu Asakawa, Japanese voice actress (Motoko: Love Hina, Sakaki: Azumanga Daioh), talked to us at Anime Diet about her roles, the World Cup, and many other things. This was one of our most fun, relaxed interviews, and it turns out that Yuu (or Julia, as she calls herself) speaks decent English–so only half this interview is in Japanese. Her open and outgoing nature are on full dispaly in this video.

Ray is trying to offer her a gift of sorts near the beginning of the interview–that’s what she’s saying when she exclaims, “this is for me?” 🙂 All in good fun!

4 thoughts on “Yuu (Julia) Asakawa Interview – AX 2010 Press Junket

  1. Photographs don’t do justice to Julia-san! 🙂 She’s so animated and really pretty, not to mention nice too, hehe.

    1. Well, she did a good job coming off that way. I get the feeling older seiyuus are no longer strictly managed and therefore don’t care as much. She could use some new roles.

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