So I got on Japanese TV after all

This is all the cosplay you people are gonna get!

Remember that Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya event I was at a couple of weeks ago? Well, apparently the TV Tokyo/Cine-tsu segment that was being filmed for it has now gone live, and the friendly folks at 2ch (via Cartoon Leap) have posted some screenshots…which, uh, include yours truly up there. It’s kinda weird to see yourself surrounded by Japanese text, which I can’t read, but flattering too. I guess it’s official now: to the otaku watching the segment, I am the gaijin fanboy in the Kyon suit.

Some more pics here:

In other news: I should probably lose weight.

UPDATE: guess what? There’s video after all! My bit, which is very short, is around 3:01. You can also see me, iPhone in hand on the far right, around 3:16 or so.

Thanks again to ultimatemegax from Cartoon Leap for bringing these photos, and the video, to my attention.

10 thoughts on “So I got on Japanese TV after all

  1. Congratulations on taking the first step towards Japanese media domination!

    It says something about “anime fans around the world,” Haruhi, Kyon, and death.

  2. “The anime that is popular around the world, ‘The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi'”

    “Q: Do you love Haruhi?”
    “Of course!”
    “Certainly! I would die for Haruhi’s sake.”

  3. Sweet I know the dude on the left XD

    Anyways, always great to see a fellow blogger in the media; esp. Japan’s and in a (I assume) good light!

  4. Lol, that’s awesome! Congrats for internationally renowned Anime Diet! I like Japanese subtitle typos. That Mikuru cosplayer is cute.

  5. mori: first TV Tokyo. Tomorrow, NHK!

    Raiga: thanks for the translation! For the record I’m the one saying “Of course.” 🙂

    moyism: tell Justin I said hi! And I think it should be a good light–my understanding is that this was made to promote the film so it wouldn’t do if it made Haruhi fans look bad…

    Mike C: I hope I did my part to make us gaijin fans look at least somewhat sane 🙂

    cirno: I’m supposed to get the video on DVD sometime soon (I put my name on a list along with others for it). I’ll let everyone know when that happens.

    lamoe: there were typo errors in the subtitles? Of course I can’t see them. But thanks.

    ultimatemegax: oh my word, you come through again! Thanks so much! I posted the video above. And sorry for the delays–our spam catcher seems to think you’re spam and I had to rescue both comments of yours out of the system. Might be the links. So sorry! But you rock.

  6. No, I meant typography is cool. Colorful. I saw the video! Awesome! You are the American anime otaku!

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