Otakon 2013: Official Press Release from Yoko Kanno


Victor Albisharat (Head of Otakon Press and Publicity) was able to release an official statement and set list regarding about Yoko Kanno around 9am EST on August 15.

Japanese Version:
piano meを通じて出会えたすべての皆さんに感謝します。」
English translation:
Thank you for not leaving me by myself on the stage. I was very happy we could make music together. To the people who were waiting for me, to the people who gave me this opportunity, to everyone I met through “piano me”, Thank you!- YOKO KANNO

This is the official Set list for what Kanno played during her concert on Sunday.

Nomad Soul
Innocent Green
Resonance of the earth
Gravity  ~Baltimore special medley

Apollon Blue
Power of the Light

Someday My Prince Will Come
The Real Folk Blues
Wo Qui Non Coin

– encore2-
Star Spangled Banner

– encore3-
Tank! (reprise)

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