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NYAF Anime Blogger Panel: the Video

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EDIT: This is a relatively hi-res Flash version above. I still can’t figure out why it won’t let you skip ahead easily. If that won’t work for you, for now, you can also download the video directly from my account (500 MB).

Also, omo has provided a transcript, for those who prefer to read rather than to watch.

This is it, folks: the video you’ve all been waiting for: JPMeyer, Hinano, and DS live in the flesh! This panl is all about how to start an anime blog, with plenty of Q&A from the audience–plus a bonus interview with Omo and the panel three afterwards! Recorded by myself and my erstwhile cameraman, Young Lee, the man with the HD camera. Many thanks to him for providing the equipment. (You should check out his website, too; he’s a budding filmmaker himself, which is why his equipment is full of awesome.)

This is the Veoh version, which offers a 500 MB downloadable version if you visit its page. The downloadable version is actually almost HD (960×544). I am working on a real HD version (1280×720) which will be available for download from thi website, probably via BitTorrent. Stay tuned; I will announce it when it’s available!

Thanks to the panelists for the opportunity. I hope I get to do something like this again!

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