Haruhi Event @ Anime Jungle – Recorded Live Stream (UPDATED)

This was a little experiment in live streaming, courtesy of my iPhone and Ustream! It was recorded today, on Jan 25th, starting around 5:15 PM. You can see a lot of the folks TV Tokyo interviewed, including myself–however, yes, the audio was knocked out during my interview for some reason. (It was restored later.) Fortunately, I should be able to recover the audio once I get a copy of the official DVD…basically, they interviewed me and Justin, the guy standing next to me, about why we liked Haruhi, when we heard about it, etc. I described its originality and the fearlessness of Haruhi’s character as being appealing points–and how I could relate to Kyon since I work with such crazy dreamers here on Anime Diet 🙂

Thanks for everyone who watched us live–and now you can see it for posterity!

Editor’s note: Pictures from the Event by Mike

Courtesy of Mike Huang

7 thoughts on “Haruhi Event @ Anime Jungle – Recorded Live Stream (UPDATED)

  1. rayyhum777, Ehrgheiz : you’re welcome! It was fun.

    Lui: hah! Thanks for bringing the spirit of true otaku fandom to the event.

  2. I live in LA county and wanted to go but I get off work a little after 5 and there’s no way I could make it there around 5:30, especially with traffic and such. But I’m glad you guys had a good time =) Hopefully there’ll be another event like this and I’ll get to go.

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