Comic Con Video Diary, Day 0 (Preview Night): More Than Zero

It’s the first day of Comic Con for press and 4-day-pass holders–not for anyone else! And really, the “Day 0” moniker does not at all apply–you’ll see how crowded the Exhibit Hall is, and how long I had to wait in line just to get a press badge. This calvacade of a convention has already started, really…preview night was intended to give a few people a look at the hall before the crowds showed up. And all I have to say is: if this isn’t a crowd, what is??

Enjoy the video. I’m going to try to post one every night.

One thought on “Comic Con Video Diary, Day 0 (Preview Night): More Than Zero”

  1. Hi – I noticed that you bemoaned the lack of cosplay at Comic-Con, so I thought you might be interested in Mimi. Yes this is a press outreach, but bear with me — it’s relevant. Mimi is a Japanese pop star performing live at Comic-Con (Organic Hobby’s booth, #3245) to support Romanov Higa’s movie Catblue Dynamite. She therefore performs in costume as Catblue. I can send you photos, bios etc. if you want, or you can drop by the Booth 3245 and ask for Yosh. Tell him Chris sent you and he’ll set it up for you to get photos with Mimi.

    Have fun this weekend!

    – Chris

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