What do you want in an anime version of “Waynestock”?


Ah, AX. Later this week, when we have our podcast we’ll be firing verbal gigaslaves (no, dragonslaves won’t do it), Lances of Longenesses, Buster Rifles, and anything you can think of at the most recent AX convention, which my fellow colleagues went. Actually, we’ll have an intelligent discussion about it while sipping the afternoon tea and expressing our dismay. But as the title asks, what do you want, if you were to organize an anime convention? I know this is a rather wide open question, so feel free to say anything you wanted. Also, if you feel like you haven’t fired enough verbal “dragonslaves” at the AX’s Otaku bouncers (snicker)…I mean, AX’s excellent and uber professional staff, please rant away.

(rumor: some of us are so pissed off at AX that we want to start our own anime convention, for real.)

(Image from Wikipedia, for licensing info please read this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Waynes_world_two_ver2.jpg

2 thoughts on “What do you want in an anime version of “Waynestock”?”

  1. hmm…I’ll take a shot at it. Lets see, what I would want in the con is standards lets say. I would want everybody running things to be fully qualified in every way. I would want tech around 24/how ever many days to get problems fixed quickly. Badge pickup to be easy, with choices for them being mailed or at con. Then the space would have to be big enough to fit all the people as well. yeah, I think that is a good start toward something good. Though for any of that to happen, huge planing, huge dedicated staff, and a lot more would have to happen.

    So there is my cent added.

  2. Shadro – sounds impossible, but with the corporate money pouring in, you’d think they can try something like that caliber. Maybe they should as you to be their consultant.

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