Mike’s AX Schedule

This is how I’m pimpin’ this website at the con, yo. Custom business cards FTW!

Well, the Con is upon us as of tomorrow! These are the events I plan to attend, most of them as an Anime Souffle Platoon Leader (ie, I will have a Souffle armband and there will be a gaggle of disciples club members who might be following me). I won’t be able to attend most of Friday, as I still actually have class…fortunately, the last class of the two week intensive course.


  • AMV Contest (7:00 PM for seating–11:00 PM, Arena–maybe, if I can get there on time)


  • Geneon and ADV Panels (10:00 AM-12:00 PM, LBCC 104A)
  • SOS Brigade Invasion Tour (2:00 PM for tickets–5:30 PM, Arena) <–this is where Aya-chan is, Ray 🙂
  • The Anime Blog blogger get-together (5:15 PM, Extreme Pizza; I’ll be running late)
  • Tokyo Godfathers Showing (9:30 PM, Terrace Theater)


I will be at church in the morning, so only afternoon and evening events for this day.

  • Art of Reviewing Anime Panel (2:00 PM-3:00 PM, LBCC 203C)
  • Masquerade (5:30 for tickets–11:00 PM, Arena)


Look for me dressed as Kyon (sorta–no school patch, alas), and with an Anime Souffle armband. Our club’s logo is like this:

The Anime Souffle logo

And that’s it. Next time I post will be on the floor of the con. See you there!

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