AX Video Diary, Day 3: Autograph and Masquerade

And the third day (Sunday) of my Anime Expo 2007 video journal is now up! This one is again in 2 parts, and they divide neatly.

Part 1 is about my futile effort to get an SOS Brigade autograph, and the interesting people I met in line. The autograph line was already not supposed to be there on that day–it was because the original autograph session had been cancelled. People with tickets distributed at the Friday Focus Panel had priority. Those with no tickets, like me, really had no chance, but I didn’t know that yet. :)

The second part is all about the Masquerade. This is more than a montage of clips from the various skits, though. It’s a record of the glitches and mistakes that plagued the con all throughout, with breakdowns in light and sound, and the announcement of a wrong winner in the awards ceremony. Herewith is the ultimate expose!

Day 4, the last day, should be ready by tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “AX Video Diary, Day 3: Autograph and Masquerade”

  1. This is very nice for a videocast and I really enjoyed how you presented it. It’s a very good way to showcase the event! Good job!

  2. oh wow, thats a lot of people. I was in the other line for the autogrpaphs, the one where the first 50 bandai purchasers got a chance to get an autograph. I would’ve been in your line but i lost my sos panel tickets. So yay for backup plans.

  3. Faust721, we think very much alike in the same predicament. It was actually a good thing that I lost the tickets from the SOS panel, otherwise I would never have thought to seek out the Bandai booth alternative. And I’m happy it turned out that way. =D

    *dodges more bullets*

  4. :D I see myself in your video! (barely though), I’m the one in the black shirt that’s like right next to the staircase. Oh the agony!

    After that 2nd extremely short autograph session, I highly doubted they were going to be there for open autograph.

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