You know we stupid Americans always make fun of good ol’ Canadians?

Well, now they have Boys Love titles on Amazon…

New Digital Manga Boys-Love Works Listed by

…Canadian version…Amazon online retailer is listing…boys love titles…

…”I’ve Moved Next Door To You”…
…”Our Kingdom – Arabian Nights”…

Ray’s take: Excuse me when I say BwHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA! Be careful you do not fall to the power of the BL side, since you guys are already wimpy people piloting WWII era fighter jets, fighting terrorists with chainsaws and selling maple syrup and Canadian Bacon (what’s with these sugary pork slices anyway) while sipping wine and pea soup! Did I mention my French co-worker at work held a grudge against me because I blocked his access to married Taiwanese pussy (CAT!) and he got pissed off and probably recommended to have me laid off? Oh motherfucker! It’s such a waste that he got a US citizenship and not a QUEBEC one (he’s from France)!

On a more serious note, I supposed the market for BL is growing in Canada, too eh? I guess some things are international after all. Just DO NOT move next door to me if you happen to be a BL lover with sex still undetermined!

4 thoughts on “You know we stupid Americans always make fun of good ol’ Canadians?

  1. Yeah, they have them on digitally because the border guards arrest people for importing them.

  2. That’s okay, we good old Canadians make fun of you stupid American’s twice as much, while sitting comfortably in our igloos and watching our Hockey games and the craziness going on just a few hundred miles south of the border. ¬†Watching as Bill O’Reilly continues to rant away, Dick Cheney still keeps on talking and corporate greed and overwhelming conservatism still run rampant across the American landscape quashing any hope of a progressive movement at every turn.
    You need not fear us and our allowance of BL for you could easily learn a thing or too from us lighthearted liberals.

  3. @ Kaioshin Sama – hey, but I hate conservatism and I despise people from Emperor Bush’s administration but I can’t do a god damned thing about the place where modern stable democracy came from roughly 200 years ago. XD oh and, if anyone ever really invades Canada, I guess we’ll send some lumberjacks with widow makers and that ought to fend the invaders off, eh? XD

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