Wow it’s CANDY BOY!

From ANN

Candy Boy Net Anime to Continue Online with 7 Episodes 

…official website of the Candy Boy original net animation…have been greenlit for production…

Ray’s take: Gosh, I thought this would be a title with yaoi up the wazoo, but it’s about a boy confessing to one of the 2 sisters. Oh well. But you can be sure that I won’t be wearing a shirt that says “Candy Boy” anywhere in the world. I do recommend everyone of you gentlemen wear that shirt to the “Blue Oyster Bar” or any number of similar establishments. I’m sure you’ll  receive enough attentions from all over.

One thought on “Wow it’s CANDY BOY!”

  1. I take it you haven’t checked out the first episode yet… Actually to correct you,it’s about about the romance between two girls. The first episode is quite cute and a good way to spend 8 minutes. ANN says they’re twins, which I don’t remember in the anime, but twincest makes it even better. ^_^

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