Vertigo VS Death Note

From ANN

Vertigo Entertainment Develops U.S. Death Note Remake

…The production notes for the recent horror films Shutter and The Strangers both reveal that America’s Vertigo Entertainment is developing a remake of the Death Note franchise and has hired Vlas and Charles Parlapanides to write the screenplay….

Ray’s Take: So now, we WILL have American Kiras. Watch out, world! Don’t let the GW get Death on his side, or…

You know, I really don’t like US remakes of many films.

2 thoughts on “Vertigo VS Death Note”

  1. Lol that’s for sure… not many US remakes are that great. Let’s hope they don’t screw it up though, because the original live actions I loved (not the dubs of course)

  2. I wathced that regis guy interview Zac Efron
    {rumoured to be Light} from high School Musical
    and said nothing of the two words, Death and Note so im pretty sure that the rumour of Zac Efron being kira is fake!!!!

    Thank god

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