Thanks to….

Thanks for the excellent fansub work by group Ayako on Kyoshiro 1. And thanks to the creators of the show for bringing us a wonderful show like such. We really appreciate all your hardwork.



3 thoughts on “Thanks to….

  1. Episode 1 subs had some glaring spelling/punctuation errors and the like, so I’m going to go with the sarcasm play. Type-setting improves, but they could still benefit from better QC.

    Series-wise, the source material is from Kaishaku. Comparing the Kannazuki no Miko manga and anime series, I think (and others will likely say the same thing) that the animators salvaged the storyline. At this point the main selling point is the reappearance of Chikane and Himeko, but who knows, the salvaging kicked into high gear around episode 6 of KnM.

  2. I liked the subplots, too. I just really, really hated the ending. “WHAT THE F@#&! IT’S OVER?” I agree, it was extremely rushed.

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