My version of the Perfect anime

It just so happens that the anime god said that since very few people actually leaves comments on this website(since my comments probably turn people off), I can say whatever I want! Hence, if I haven’t said this already, I’m gonna talk about my perfect anime. As if this topic hasn’t been done to death already.

Anyways, I would love to…

…see an anime with girls with guns and large weapons, preferrably mecha – Gundams are even better, since they’re like the prototype of mecha. Or is it mechas? Anyhow, let’s go with the story:

Ayako (I felt like using that name), who’s played by Kawasumi Ayako, is just one of those ordinary alien princesses with pointy ears and lives next door to this boy named Amuro. She comes over in her Zeta-ish Gundam to pick him up and go to school in space. He has the Freedom Gundam but he doesn’t know how to pilot it. Anyway, one day on their way flying to school, they encounter a girl who’s really late for school, and her name is Aya, and she’s played by Hirano Aya. Now Aya is a genius leader who wants to take over the colonies but she hasn’t any followers, so she decides to recruit these two, but they refuse. Amuro helps Aya out with her mechanical troubles (she rides in a flying version of Lan Evo – don’t ask), and then the three decides to race to school!

When they reach school, Amuro’s childhood friend, Houko (acting like Fllay Allster), played by Kuwashima Houko, is waiting at the gate. She scolds them and Aya scolds back. Houko pulls out her berretta and decides to kill Aya(while acting like Kirika from Noir), just when it’s looking like a war is inevitable, Rie, played by Tanaka Rie comes down with her space battleship and comes out and stops them, but before she could say anything, Millellu from Noir (played by Mitsuishi Kotono) comes to assassinate her. Amuro decides to protect Rie, and he calls his”Freedom gundam” and saves all their asses. It turns out that Millellu was being controlled by the Newtype device “Psychomu-path”. Just then, the evil clones of everyone comes out and start fighting them…

Yeah, right. That’s like the crappines anime idea I’ve ever thought of. That’s what happens when I’m writing at around 3AM Taiwanese time in the morning.

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