My Dream bar comes true!

This one from Anime 3000 – greatly appreciated, guys!

MOBILE SUIT BAR ZEON Hails Drinks For Both Sides
Article by: Fernando Ramos

All the more reason why Mobile Suit Bar Zeon, located in the Akihabara 1-Chome District and nestled within a bunch of those dire maid cafes, is such a breath of fresh air…

Ray’s Take: (taking out my 7 PG from by reaching into my past). “Oi, tamae-tachi, check out my waresaaa!” “Sugoi!” “Suge!!!” “Rad, dude!” “Awesome!”

Next, “Excuse me, may I have the 3 times as fast drink?” “Right away! You will get it 3 times as fast!”

A glass of red liquid appears.

“OOOOOHHHHH! Now my speed in thinking in Japanese is 3 times as fast!” (Busting out some Japanese left and right…) “Seig Zeon! Seig Zeon! Seig Zeon!”

Man, only in my dreams. I hope they got a karaoke section with only Gundam songs?

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