Moe Rice, Moe Shochu, Moe Watermelon!

From Japan Today

Sketches of pretty girls draw visitors to Akita town


Illustrations of pretty girls adorning packages of locally grown specialty rice and other products in a small snowy town in northeastern Japan are taking the rest of the country by storm.

Japan Agricultural Cooperative Ugo put Akita Komachi on the market last fall and sold almost 40 tons in three months, about three times the amount purchased during the normal period. Shochu also sold like hotcakes and packages of strawberries, and beef in curries carrying sketches of pretty girls also made their debut.

A JA official in charge of selling the rice said, ‘‘I didn’t think young people would be receptive to rice.’’

Ray’s Take: Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho ho! The power of the weak and disenfranchised Otaku is on the war path again! Even regular consumer goods have fallen under the powaaaah of the Moe-side! The warmth of moe will melt any snow and boost sales for anything!!!! They already made TP’s and snowboards! What will they think of next? Moe Mlik??!! You’re damned right young people are receptive to rice – MOE RICE that is!!!!! Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho ho Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho ho Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho ho!

World domination Phase One Complete. Phase Two in Progress. Let’ make everything MOE!!!

Oh and a special bonus for this item: Moe Synethizer Girl speaks! Download Below!


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