Medical Student Transforms into Kimura Kenshin

From Sankaku Complex –

Burglar Dismembered with Katana in Samurai Self-Defence

Police describe the burglar lunging at the student, who “then retaliated by striking him with a samurai sword, severed his left hand and gave severe lacerations to the upper torso,” fatally injuring him.

Ray’s Take: No, this didn’t take place in Japan, SO WHAT?  Cool is cool no matter where. Sword techniques are cool no matter where. Anyway. I’ve got a little quiz for all the possible Kenshinites:

Which move did this student use in defeating his opponent?

1. Dou Ryu Sen
2. Ryu Tsui Sen
3. Ryu Tsui Sen Zan
4. Ryu Sou Sen
5. Kuzu Ryu Sen
6. His own derivative technique

Answer: [spoiler]…Uh…Are you serious? Then go here. [/spoiler]

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