Is This Person Related to ANEKA???

Ray’s Take:…uh…you know, she sings in Japanese well…but why oh why does it seem so awkward?

This is her real identity:

“Wine drinkers.” “Huh?” “Pea soup eaters.” “Who?” “The French Canadians!” “Oh those guys!”

BTW, here’s Aneka’s true identity:

Well, at least Himeka is brave enough to seek her dreams. Ganbatte!

2 thoughts on “Is This Person Related to ANEKA???”

  1. I first heard about Catherine St. Onge a while ago, and this has me trying to remember where and when.  I think someone linked me to her blog regarding her winning a contest.

    Between her, Becca, and a certain fellow who works in Japan as a gaijin director of anime, you can probably find the Dejima of the Heisei era.

  2. Well, there is a gaijin reporter and two black entertainers who are brothers. But I’m surprised to hear about a gaijin director of anime!

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