Imagine a mutant shojo clutz with super powers…Wow…

From ANN

Madhouse to Create 4 Anime with Marvel Comic Heroes
…Del Rey is collaborating with Marvel to create an X-Men shōjo title…

Ray’s take: how about rogue looking like Peach Girl with her awkward power in a Japanese high school? Hmm…Or maybe storm is the oneesama, the head of the student council and the chair of the storm chaser (har har har) club? Do you fan girls out there wanna imagine Woverine being this angsty bishonen who pick fights but blushes a ton when he sees Rogue Yamzaki (yes, I made up that last name)? Cyclops being the sports guy that all the girls dream over? What about Jean Grey being the bookworm heroine?

…I don’t, but hey, my ideas don’t sound so bad, at least not to me! But an X-Men shojo title? Boy that’ll be a field day for us in our podcast.

But it sure sounds nice enough to have Madhouse do a project of that magnitude. Now which convention should these future titles belong to? Comicon or AX/Otakon/etc?

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