Go to DMC! Go to DMC! Go to the World!

From ANN

Report: Detroit Metal City Gets Hollywood Remake Offers

…Japanese film distributor…more than one offer from Hollywood film production companies to remake the manga-based…a shy pop singer’s rise to glory as the frontman of a death-metal band. The negotiations are reportedly…Distribution offers are said to have come from 25 other countries and regions, including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Taiwwan,…

Ray’s take: Yes! Japanese rock movie reviving American rock movie theme? Well, we had “Detroit Rock City”, and it looks like we’ll be having DMC in the new century! And guess what? Taiwan gets 2 doubyas (Taiwwan) in the source article for this piece of news! Nice job there, our news source! But hey, the country is a tiny ass country and a disgruntled cousin of China. But Bill Gates praised it! Anyway, let’s all go to DMC everywhere! I want to start a death metal band!

“I’m grateful for the Anime Diet Podcast, if I hadn’t become the shock jock for the Anime Diet Podcast, I would’ve become a freak Otaku.” – – Ray Hu, AKA Krauser III.

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