Gamers = Anime Congoers?

Wow. This video report from SlateV about Gen Con, a LARP and gamer convention…reminded me so much of, well, the people at anime cons. The kind of people, the way they talk…In fact this report is kinda similar to my own video reports at AX ’07. Well, more professional and much better shot, but, other than that, entirely similar! Really!

Maybe we American geeks are all alike after all. 🙂 Anyone out there also go to Gen Con or other gaming cons? How does the experience compare?

1 thought on “Gamers = Anime Congoers?

  1. I went to Blizzcon, but the crowd there seemed a cut above the anime themed cons I’ve been to. But then again, the price of admission was pretty high, so that probably cleared out some of the riff-raff.

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