Freezing 05 makes me go woohoo!

You know, there are moments where I wish I could do more than one pistol salute per 15 minutes in real life… Wha, didn’t you know I’m super stud in 2 1/2 D world? XD But good night, this show delivers the boobs goods every time! XD And the best part is…it’s Hanazawa Kana-chan as Rana! Woo~hoo~!

(Whoa. Watch that leak there, buddy.)

Sorry about that…XD In any event, sex and violence continues in this episode where the 2nd grade losers decide to have their revenge on the friends of Sawako from Kimi no Todoke Satellizer. And boy do they go at it! XD

(Stop grinning…it’s disgusting)

Oh, sorry again. But man, you know, I’m like an old fart and stuff, so squeaky clean campus love drama don’t really interest me any more…

(is that why you yelled in frustration watching Kimi no Todoke season 2 episode 2?)

Uh…Anyway, So I didn’t know that girls from Tibet can be that cute in anime. And the best thing is that they speak Japanese, wrap their loins in cloths, and kicks some serious ass!

(Oh, I remember what you said to Kazehaya ON SCREEN: “Shut up! Turn around! Think again! And then speak what you really think…”)

O K, now you have to die.

In any event, now I’ve played out the Golum/ADD/ADHD joke, let’s get to the bottomline.

Bottomline: it’s fun, sexy, violence, with plenty of ultra fan service only topped by QB and Kanokon, but also loses to Seikon no Qwaser uncensored version (milky bath has never been so up close and personal before – NOT a good thing). It’s my cup of tea.

Time to go back to warming up that pistol…XD

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