Director of my AMAZING NUTS! for Winter Sonata the Animation!

From ANN

Winter Sonata the Animation’s Trailer Streamed Online (Updated) 

…The story follows two childhood friends – a boy and a girl…Daisuke Nakayama (Tweeny Witches, Amazing Nuts!…Bae Yong-Joon…

Ray’s take: All right, all right. It was late and I laughed at my title. But Holy Shit! The lead does look like that guy! Actually, if I were reading this I’d stop reading the article at the guy’s name (Bae Yong-Joon or Pai Yon Jun or whichever it was), because sappiness and tearjerkers often piss the hell out of me. And Oh look, a innovative main plot! Yay!

(Handing Mike a box of tissues while nodding my head off.)

Looks like good animation, though. It’s time for fan girls to scream in joy!

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