Crunkyroll is on a roll (har har)?

Crunkyroll Aims for 40,000 Subscribers in 3 Years, Joins AJA

The news website reports that the TV Tokyo broadcasting station and Crunkyroll video-distribution website are aiming to register over 40,000 online subscribers in three years. The partnership’s Anime Membership subscription program registered…Crunkyroll has joined the anime industry group as one of the 25 associate members…

Ray’s take: so Crunkyroll is seeking to win over many to the power of the dark side…I mean to get as many legit registered users as possible. But hey, with the Japanese animators literally starving and living in Net Cafes, we gotta help out, right?

(Trying to catch the cat and putting it back in the bag)

1 thought on “Crunkyroll is on a roll (har har)?

  1. “What is it you want?”

    “I want what all men want: MOAR.”

    Clearly, they have taken a page from 4chan and enacted a cunning 4-step plan:

    1.  Get viewerbase with awesome free shows
    2.  Start cutting off service and demanding money
    3. ???
    4. Profit

    Step 3, as ever, remains a mystery.

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