How do you like your Touhou?

Christmas, now with 100% more Gensyoko Girls!

Fans of the definitive danmaku (bullet hell) game by ZUN have been working Touhou characters in everywhere.  For all their efforts, however, ExitJMouse may have trumped them. He used Moemon – a reworking of Pokemon with loli monsters – to create his very own stable of Touhou girls!

It’s a little old, truthfully, but with the recent surge of interest in Touhou due to anime, MADs, and appearances in ISML, now is a perfect time to showcase another Touhou-related curiosity.

The Gensyoko girls and their corresponding pokemon:

Fearow – Aya Shameimaru
Scyther – Wriggle Nightbug
Squirtle – Nitori Kawashiro
Golbat – Remilia Scarlet
Meowth – Chen
Ninetails – Ran Yakumo

2 thoughts on “Touhoumon

  1. I’ve always been interested in Touhoumon but I’ve never really seen it up close. Incidentally, most of the character/Pokemon comparisons make sense, but I can’t bring myself to see Remilia as a Golbat…

  2. Well ETERNAL golbat and remelia have a something small in common.. their wings..
    Remelia was meant to have bat wings so the pokemon chosen for her was oviously a bat which wings stand out the most.

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