Riots are in progress in front of Japanese TV stations

From news –

Sept 19, Yokohama, Kangawa, Japan. After the station “TV Kanagawa” pulled off the originally scheduled showing of the final episode of the anime “School Days“, the station found itself surrounded by an angry mob of thick rimmed-glass-wearing Otaku with paper fans and T-shirts stating: “WE WANT MAKOTO DEAD!” written in bold red Katakana.

Similar incidents are being reported in front of Chiba TV and TV Aichi in Chiba city, Chiba Prefecture and Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, where TV Aichi is located.

The web sites of these stations were down for sometime, but currently they’re back up.

Chantings of “We want Makoto dead!”, which was all we got when we tried to get comments, could be heard from miles away.

The city government in Yokohama has asked for aid. Our sources indicates that the Humanoid Mobile Police force is currently being deployed in the surrounding sections of Yokohama, ready for a surgical strike.

10 thoughts on “Riots are in progress in front of Japanese TV stations

  1. Of course it’s not true.

    1) The article can’t even maintain the same tense across a full sentence, let alone demonstrate decent grammar.

    2) It’s is obviously written as satire. “Surgical strike”? Come on, how gullible can you be?

    3) These are otaku we’re talking about. You really think they have the motivation to do anything more than bitch and moan on 2chan?

    4) Anime schedules get changed or pushed back pretty frequently. Even if true this is nothing particularly new.

    5) It’s from That’s like taking a news story from The Onion seriously.

    6) Umm…seriously, I hope none of you guys actually thought it was real. If so you probably should get out more. 😉

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