Difficulties with copyrights.

When I was posting news I didn’t know that I shouldn’t have copied the whole thing. Yes, I did post a link to the reference every time, but Mike told me that wasn’t enough – I needed to quote parts of the news and not copying the whole news. Now I did add my own commentaries to the news, so I still did original work. I do apologize for not knowing how to properly do this on the internet. I just assumed that on the internet, because I have properly referenced it back to the website, I’m OK.

However, it seems like even the best of us can get this blasted copyright thing wrong sometimes. Check out this post on AWX forums: http://www.awx.co.za/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?90890

It was brought to my attention that this gentleman here (I assume he’s a guy) probably learned from some bad examples and also posted this piece of news about the “GAINAX Auctions Lance Of Longinus Replica” from Anime News Service, but without posting the link back to the source.

Scroll down a little bit, and we can see that another gentleman “r3v3n4nT” (I assumed another guy) posted something but he remembered to post the source on his entry, and he even quoted the person whose words become the source. I could be wrong but I think this is a good example of what to do when posting news and quoting people on the net.

I just want to talk about it a little bit and give an apology for my mistake. I will be changing these posts to the right way within the next few days (technically I’m still taking a short break and I’m kinda swamped with work anyway). But thanks for bring this issue to my attention, guys. Deeply appreciated.

One thought on “Difficulties with copyrights.”

  1. thanks for this insight.

    wow, good thing when I post some news articles on my blog, I address where the article came from and keep a link back to the original source.

    many thanks!

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