A summary of recent events happened at Anime Diet AKA The Diet 3.

Hi all.

Maybe some of you (probably 55 of you) were wondering about the slowing down of this site in recent days, and most of you probably noticed that different people are covering different series, instead of one guy covering just about everything (yeah, I got really really sick of that guy, too!) Well, without revealing sensitive information (if I tell you I’d have to contact Noir), here’s what happened (if you’re not interested at all please read Mike’s excellent review of the Welcome to N.H.K. novel)

1. We’ve distributed shows among us so that everyone will cover something – some more, some less.

2. Mike got sick and we were all feeling down and I couldn’t post much because he’s my best mate (using the Aussie term) and I was pretty upset.

3. People are preparing to go to PMX (no, not PMS!)

4. The Halloween podcast episode is delayed for probably a few more days (Mike actually got sick on Halloween…)

However, do not fear, my fellow netizens! We’re still alive and kicking, and (sorry for turning my ass mode off) we appreciate your concerns (Hmm, I hear somebody saying: “You’re going down, bitch! XD)

In any case, we’re recovering! And I hope all of you hang in there with whatever you’re doing. Good night from me from Taipei, Taiwan.