Adapting Bubblegum Crisis for a movie?

From ANN –

Live-Action Bubblegum Crisis Hires via Reality TV Show

The contest describes the project as a “US$30 million, live action feature film production, which will be filmed at Fox Studios in Sydney.” Australia’s Arclight Films, Canada’s Wizzfilms, the Infotainment China Media Company, and the United Kingdom’s Latec International agreed in May to produce the proposed live-action film adaptation.

Ray’s Take: we all know that Shanghai or even more likely, Beijing, is turning into a real Megacity, right? With the amount of people that China has, it can easily spawn 2 to 3 Megacities in the next few years. Hell, with China’s pirating technology (or more clearly, taking someone’s  technology and making it their own), the scientists there could probably create replicants/boomers even faster that previously imaginable. Not because they want more people but they can replace them with robotic labor! That said, I’m oddly looking forward to see the film, if they actually make it.