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Episode Delays are piling up for Zom 100.
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Zom 100: Delays of the Dead

Introduction: The Promising Yet Unstable Journey of ‘Zom 100’ The anime world knows the sting of delays all too well. ‘Zom 100’ serves as a…

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Yukana Nogami (aka Yokana) as photographed at PMX 2007
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Yukana Panel at Anime Matsuri 2023

Anime Diet had the privilege of interviewing Yukana at PMX Long Beach back in 2007, marking one of our earliest interactions with the anime voice acting community. Fast forward to 2023, we were fortunate enough to reconnect with her at her guest panel at Anime Matsuri.

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KAF’s “My Voice” Video : A Mondo Grosso Collaboration

The Legacy of the Suite Series continues KAF’s “My Voice” marks a revolutionary moment in the artist’s ongoing journey to redefine the boundaries between virtual…

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Perfect Blue: Finding Identity 25 Years Later

Few anime directors have left as indelible a mark as Satoshi Kon. His debut directorial work, “Perfect Blue,” continues to captivate audiences over two decades…

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Undead Girl Murder Farce
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Undead Girl Murder Farce: Incredible Blend of Mystery and Intrigue

When the trailer of Undead Girl Murder Farce dropped, I found myself quite intrigued. The premise held a certain allure. And the impressive lineup of…

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Horimiya's couple Miyamura and Hori
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Horimiya: The Missing Pieces – A Spin-Off Gem for Romance and Slice-of-Life Enthusiasts

For aficionados of romance and slice-of-life anime, “Horimiya” likely struck a chord upon its 2021 release. This endearing journey follows Hori Kyouko and Miyamura Izumi…

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