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Scattered Cels Podcast #3

Episode 3: now with upgraded, sexier audio, courtesy of much better microphones! We ramble on this time about dubs vs. subs, Miyazaki’s rumored new project, the death of the inventor of instant ramen, and The Third–among many, many other things. This is our longest episode yet! (1 hour)

If you have any questions you’d like us to answer on the air, please leave them in the comments section below!

Warning: some Samuel L. Jackson-style swearing near the end of the podcast. Cover your ears, all those 17 and under. :)

Show Notes

  • Ray’s controversial post is here. (A)
  • This is novel Miyazaki supposedly is adapting. (B)
  • Here is an article about Ando Momofuku, the late inventor of instant ramen. (C)
  • OP–“Purupurupu Purin” from Welcome to the NHK!
  • ED–“Waltz,” by Suneohair (ED to Honey and Clover)


Scattered Cels Podcast #2

This week, Ray and I tackle the Haruhi licensing and the depredations of viral marketing, Japanese Academy Award nominations, and review School Rumble!


  • Kadokawa Pictures USA, has actually also actually licensed Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid, another Kyoto Animation property. My guess is that they might become KyoAni’s house licensor in the US? (Source:
  • The original Transformers toys and TV show came out in 1984–after Macross. (Source: Wikipedia.)
  • Brave Story is not based on an h-game, but on an award winning novel. The film screened at Cannes. I have yet to find out exactly what game Ray is referring to; it’s likely that a lesser-known game has the same title, given how generic it is. (Source: Anime News Network)
  • Sound quality issues: hopefully an improvement over last week, though some authentic city noise from Taipei and a running TV can be heard in the back. :) Ray was recording with a built-in laptop mic, and I was recording with a really inadequate microphone not made for computers and giving low output. Next time, we will use real headsets and mics!

No podcast next week, since I’ll be flying back to school, so this is the last episode of the year. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Scattered Cels Podcast #1

The first episode of the Scattered Cels Podcast is here! My co-host, Raymond Hu, reports in from Taiwan, while I’m here in the United States. We introduce ourselves, go through the anime news, and and also review an anime we both like, Black Lagoon.

Leave your comments and questions in the comments area of this post! Thanks.

Show Notes

  • Visit my anime club’s page, Anime Souffle! We’re very likely to have some guests or even another host from the club on the air soon.