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Ray’s weekly audio column.

Ray reports June 16 – Otaku gangster style

Ray promotes our presence in da world as well as talks about our plan for AX. Warning, Ray’s hot and in this one, he bares his shoulders and neck for all the ladies and talking in Otaku Gangster Tongue at the same time! Smoking! XD

From AD Radtio – Ray’s Report June 16th from Ray Hu on Vimeo.


Anime Diet – Ray Reports 3, Saturday, June 5th

Enjoy the special Saturday report. The report will come out on weekdays only in the future. Ray discusses tobacco, wifus of the Anime Diet Staff, comments on Godin’s blog, a slut, and other topics. The pics for the show is after the cutaway.

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Anime Diet – Ray Reports 2 (formerly Tsundere Banana)

The second vidcast report is out. Again, a variety of topics are discussed. If not interested, just enjoy the moe pics. The audio version is just the first 10 minutes, as before.

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Anime Diet – Ray Reports 1 (formerly Tsundere Banana)

And it’s now Anime Diet Corner – Ray Reports. But yes, it will be Vidcast from this point on.

Anime Diet Corner – Ray Reports from Ray Hu on Vimeo. (The audio podcast version is just the first 10 minutes. Come to the website for the full video!)

The K-On!! Pics that I mentioned:

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Tsundere Banana 03102010 – Got Ass?

Show notes:

Losers of the week:

Funimation putting out censored DVDs for Vampire Bund – they’re afraid of their corporate asses get hauled in jail. But in any event, a light loser rating from me because I can understand the cause of making money.

College Students protesting about cutting in funding:

Some women in New Jersey got caulk injection in the butt for rear enhancement

Winners of the Week:

Anime Expo – invited key people such as Nabeshin and Asakawa Yuu – they’re making inroads but with a corporate guy running everything, I’m giving it a light winner rating.

Funimation – streaming Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu (AKA Baka and Test — Summon the Beasts) – great choice.

Gorillaz – Plastic Beach – fun and great for chilling, even chilling in the green room, which I’ve never been!

Warning: crass caulk jokes and bad accents

Tsudere Banana 03032010 – Hypocrites Pissing Me Off

Show notes:

Losers of the week:

Kirsten Dunst – see her in the Akiba film

Nick Simmons – it’s all over the net

The people that sent Christopher Handley to jail – it’s all over the net pt. 2

Winners of the Week:

The Noto Mamiko bug AKA Pandemonium Bug – Gintama 197

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn 01 – easily found

A reader’s mother for watching Chu-Bra! 01 and laughing during the talking breasts part – according to the reader, she did not love it but thought was all right.

Warning: No holds barred with all guns blazing.

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Tsundere Banana – that Guy Had a Friggin’ Private Small Plane!

OK, the latest Tsundere Banana is out. I think I won’t post too many show notes because people are smart and they can look it up. I will have links like below.

I will respond to each comment individually. I know that’s not the normal but each one of you offers a unique response (trust me, you do) and I’d like to respond to each person personally.

List of topics:

Losers of the week:

Guy ram IRS Building with his PRIVATE JET PLANE (not a hero, trust me)

Bandai Channel (prejudiced thoughts behind that bunch – get with the times)

Winners of the week:

You, of course! (Forever)

Claymore Revolution (still going)

Sora no Woto (Edge of my seat)

Durarara! (Outstanding)

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warning: no holds barred.