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My “Girls with Guns” ringtone trilogy

For this special service post, I’m putting up the ringtones made from the ED of El Cazador, from the action sequences of Madlax, and from the action sequences of Noir (sorry if you have any or all of these already).

I hear these, especially the second two, and I imagine the girls go out and whack 150 guys among them all…awesome…

Ringtone from Mikuru’s song.

Let us say it together Mi…mi…mi…Mikuru beeeeaamu!

Claymore OP ringtone – here you go.

I don’t like the OP as much as the ED, but I just thought I’ll put it up.

Not annoying enough to your non-Otaku friends? Try singing “Cha la head cha la” like Izumi Konata!

It’s “Cha la head cha la!” But sang by Izumi Konata (Hirano Aya)! If your non-Otaku friends didn’t feel like strangling you before, they will after listening to this ringtone a gadzillion times! Also it’s another great waker-upper for that black, lousy, and rainy Monday morning!

EDIT: WARNING. Listening to this ringtone may cause the following side effects: Psychotic rage, anger, fear, and extreme aggression, pissinitis, the phone smash disease, the konking your friend on the head disease, the asskicktus syndrome. This web site is not responsible for any damages associated with any usage of this ringtone including downloading, letting the ringtone going off in the public, letting the ringtone going off in the bedroom, letting the ringtone going off in your girlfriend’s bedroom, and any other places. Potential fatalities are the sole responsibilities of the user, the intended audience, the police, the military, the CIA, the FBI, the FEMA, and the X-files agents.

A rocking ringtone from Black Lagoon that makes you want to whack someone – not

Just another testosterone filled ringtone that’s a pleasure to wake up to in the morning! Turn it up loud and it’ll wake any sleepy head (we can only hope)!

Instead of vocals with badly sang English – there are no vocals in this one.

Haruhi ED ringtone…I wanna dance in the middle of Akiba!


Do the dance with the SOS brigade and the Otakus all over the world whenever you hear this from your cellphone (if you download it)! Do it with your friends! Do it at the talent night at your school! Do it at your church!

Be Otaku and BE PROUD!

A rocking ringtone from Claymore that makes you wanna go out and kick some ass.

And you know there are people out there whose asses you really wanna kick. But instead of really imitating Teresa and start cutting through their ranks with a real claymore (that would be murder not to mention people use guns for that purpose these days – unless you actually hunt demons for a living), download this ringtone and imagine your bravery instead! Have fun (listening not cutting)!

Go ahead, use this ringtone (ring tone) from Lucky Star…

…to show your true Otaku self.

Delight (read:annoy) your anime-loving and non-anime-loving friends everywhere!

Uninstall! Uninstall! A ringtone (from Bokurano) for our tech support!


It’s time to uninstall!

Use this ring tone as your theme song when doing an uninstall! Let’s support our tech support!

Edit from Mike: so anyone out there actually see Chiaki Ishikawa (who sang this song) at AX? I had to miss the concert. How did it go?

You know you watch too much anime when…(part 2) Ringtone from NHK, purupurupururin!

…after finally learning how to hack your Verizon Motorola RAZR V3m to load your own ringtones, this was the ringtone you chose. And it was the first thing that came to mind.

It even sounds better than the version that showed up in the show! (Edit from Ray: Purupurupururin!)

You can run, but you can’t hide, from your own nerddom.