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Ringtone from Genshiken S2 – Gundam Seed Cliche music done OK.

Well, this song is rather normal listened on its own, but if you laughed as hard as I watched the OP sequence of Genshiken S2 you may like it.

Ringtone made with OP from Gundam 00

Remember, all ring tones are examples of samplers. If you really like them and want the whole song and/or want to support the artist, try buying them somewhere first. It’s up to you. Anyway, this week we offer two versions, vocal and non-vocal, from the OP of Gundam Balls…I mean 00. XD


Bonus ringtone using Aya-chan’s latest single – Please buy the legit full version if you like this!

Do support her by buying the single if you like the ringtone!

I think it rocks and has a fun punk rock flavor, even though this is a completely different style from “God Knows”. I do like it enough, and I’ll get the single when it comes out in Taiwan (where I reside right now).

Ringtone for this week: Haruhi’s “out of this world” self intro!

Well, isn’t is this a great way to show your class and your family and friends that you cannot be more Otaku-like even if you tried? Use with caution!

Or this may make good looking Japanese  guys and girls think you’re unique…Hey, anything for a chance to strike up a conversation, right?


Jigoku Shojo’s famous line.

Use this one for your Halloween festivities!

Ringtone of Konata going: “muuuuuuuu”

Just as it says. Another fun ringtone…use it in conjunction with the vibration functions!

Chie sensei’s Name Calling Fest from Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei

Here’s something wonderful for when you want to call your friends names using Japanese but don’t speak Japanese well. Your friends will love it!

Play it at a party, hanging out with your Japanese students, or just anywhere anytime you feel like hearing Chie sensei’s name calling!

Timotei, timotei, timotei!!! (From Lucky Star episode 6)

I actually have no bloody idea what this one is about except it’s something like a tribute to a shampoo commercial by Konata in Lucky Star episode 6. This was done by request. Enjoy!

Late ringtone – made from Mushiuta OP and two lines from Lucky Star.

Sorry for the delay this week, but we’ve been upgrading to the new site. In any case, thank you for your patience and here’s this week’s ringtone and two funny lines from Lucky Star.

Darker Than Black Ringtone made with 1st OP.

Boy, I have been having trouble thinking which song to use, when I realized that I still haven’t used this one! Maybe I’ll take request? But only if I can find the songs!

Ringtone made using Aya-chan’s second single

This is made from her second single…What, I thought you already bought/got her first single from Haruhi!

Aha! 200th vote for a poll! And a bonus ringtone!

Wow! Thanks to all who visited and voted! This poll we have is the first poll that got 200 votes! Thank you, Mr. or Ms. 200th voter!

To commemorate this event (I just feel like putting something up), here’s a bonus ringtone from the action sequence in El Cazador:

Now just imagine Nadie becomes scarily good at whacking men…That would be cool…heh heh heh hmm heh heh heh hmm heh! Yeah! Yeah! Whack ’em! Whack ’em!