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Pam Covers Yubiwa-Escaflowne movie

Pam Moss, one of the lead singers of Makenai Band, covered the song. Just in case of you guys haven’t heard of this. I really liked the sincerity in her voice and how wonderful it sounded over all. Just my humble two cents. Give it a try if you want.

Download MP3 below. Feedbacks are welcome.

“Don’t Say Lazy” Cover by Makenai!

Our friends from Makenai have recorded a special treat just for you, dear readers and listeners–it’s a studio-quality cover of the famous K-ON! closing song, “Don’t Say Lazy.” Makenai aren’t just nobodies: one of their singers, Pam, was Anime Expo Idol 2008 (see her performance of the Basilisk OP, and our interview with her here after her win), and they’ve been covering anime songs for the past couple of years at various conventions. They also were the in-house band for our last panel, the Indecent Otaku Comedy Hour!

We’ll definitely be featuring more music from Makenai in the future, as well, so stay tuned. We love these guys and we hope you will, too.

UPDATE: now available on Youtube!

Warehouse Confessions: A Decade Tchotckified?


Instead of another regular post, detailing either a classic show, or even an attempt to fashion a bridge between disparate generations of anime lovers, I thought I’d share this short piece of memory film in celebration of the end of one singularly bizarre decade. It was definitely a ride, and now as we dart rapidly into the holiday season it only felt right to share a little about material goodies, and what happens when your hobby takes unusual turns in history…

Ever get one of those so-uber otaku goodies that would do well to be left unseen by certain family members, only to be brought out the moment you hear their cars putter beyond the proximity of your domicile?

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Anime Dietism Pt.2 – Mikeism

Do you fan girls want to listen to Mike all the time on your cell? Well, here’s your chance!

You can’t just listen to him once! We all wanna be like Mike!

Want to collect our voices for your cell?

Are you such a fan of us? Shamelessly? Well, now you can use our voice as your ringtone and let your friends, your family, your classmates and everyone around you hear us! Gha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The first entry: Rayism!

A great ringtone/music to get rid of party pests

Well, well. How did you like Puncolle? I took the liberty of making the first song faster and make the bass stronger. I also used the first 60 seconds and made it into a ringtone!