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Servant x Service, way better than DMV


Servant x Service , it’s about public servants. They won’t fire you by just being lazy, even with that crappy attitude to customers like DMV. Worst is IRS giving you a hard time if you’re a tea partier. But at least, this ward office has a good customer service, so it’s way better than DMV, certainly better than IRS. Continue reading

Attack On Titan: Ode to Mikasa’s 6 pack abs.

As I wrote before, Mikasa’s abs were shocking, even more shocking than cannibalism from Attack On Titan. Continue reading

My platonic sex, platonic orgasm, 2D hysteria

Iijima Ai wrote a novel, Platonic Sex. So, platonic means “no skinship.” It doesn’t involve physicality. Yes, sex without skinship. The word “platonic” connotes “spiritual, pure, clean, and dry.” Since Leviticus says discharge is unclean, clean orgasm is dry orgasm, thus dry orgasm is platonic orgasm. Physical world, natural world, 3D world, body is unclean, and spiritual word, supernatural world, 2D world, spirit is clean and pure, so holy and sacred. Continue reading