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The big kahuna in Los Angeles.

AX Floor Report: Monday

Typed in the corridor of the convention center, outside the Open Autograph signing room

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, everyone. It looks like the video stuff will take longer to get working than I thought, so it will appear throughout the week rather than a day after like I originally planned. So everyone I told that it would appear in a day or two: apologies! It will appear very soon and you will see your faces in good time. I got tons of great interviews.

I’ve been running to and fro to lots of different things, especially in the futile quest to get a signature from Hirano Aya–talk about elusive…I met a guy who actually did get one. He was one of the 50 people who bought a limited edition box set which put him in the pool of eligibility; they only did 100 signatures total. I got sketches from the director and character designer of Death Note instead, which, at least, will make Jeremy very happy. :)

Some other unorganized thoughts about the con:

  • Please hire better technical support next time. There were way too many technical glitches during the Masquerade and main events.
  • This…is…the infinite number of 300 references!
  • The SOS Brigade Invasion Tour concert was very late, and disappointing, due to audio glitches, mistimed lyrics, and a clear lack of rehearsals on the part of the MCs.
  • ORESKABAND rocked on the other hand. Competent musicianship, at last! Cute, too, and a good attempt at English. :)
  • The Masquerade was a total washout. They announced the wrong winner. Several skits had their lights and audio cut out in the middle.
  • I’ve definitely gotten a tan, lost weight, and probably gotten sunburned from all that waiting in line.
  • I’m dressed like Kyon right now. Finally.
  • I met so many cool people in line. It made line more than tolerable and actually fun.
  • A real life Haruhi Suzumiya really does exist, and she helps runs Anime Vegas. You know who you are. If you are reading this, please get in contact with us! We at Anime Souffle want to collaborate with you.

Time to head to the dealer room–for the first time! (Yes, I was that busy the past few days.) Then on to the Anime Genesis podcast panel, and then that’s it for AX 2007.

AX Video Diary, Day 1: In the Waiting Line (FIXED!)

This is a first for me, personally: an actual video diary of what’s going on at AX! I plan to do one for each of the four days of the con. It also incorporates plenty of interviews with fans about various funny things; in this one, I ask about their con experiences and the longest lines they’ve ever been in. (I have some even better ones from the ones I recorded today, but you’ll just have to wait till tomorrow to see them!)This is Youtube, where you can only post 10 minutes max, so this 15 minute video is split in two. Enjoy!

(The audio in part 2 is finally fixed. Hooray!)


ADV Panel Liveblog

11:16 AM: They are starting late, as per AX tradition.

11:19AM: preliminary Q&A.

  • More original stuff in the works for ADV. No outside submissions.

11:23 AM: new title announcements.

  • Makoto Shinkai’s Byousoku 5 cm. Showing tonight at 11:30 PM and 1 AM at a nearby theater.
  • Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora (Kyoshiro and the Eternal Sky). Wordless trailer, which fails to redeem a show we MST3k’d. :)
  • Gurren Lagann. Big cheer from the crowd.
  • Devil May Cry. More cheers, not as big as for Gurren Lagann. They sure snapped this one up fast.

11:35 AM: the real Q&A.

  • Somebody asks what they will do with the remake of Eva and whether they will reform the original dub cast if they do. Matt Greenfield is non-committal.
  • What happened to the Evangelion live-action project? Apparently it’s just taking a while, and no dates are given.
  • How do they pick the titles for licensing? From fan feedback mostly, at cons, online, etc.
  • What about bringing over light novels? The translators are too busy right now.
  • Lots of Air questions.
  • Very strong hint that they have licensed other Key Animation works (Kanon 2006?). Pay attention to other con announcements?
  • Re:Cutie Honey currently not for sale by Gainax.
  • Why has ADV’s turnaround time gone down? Creators and licensors in Japan are struggling with piracy.
  • Are they going to use the voice actors from the game of Devil May Cry? Too early to say; need to talk to Capcom.
  • Will they change “Gao” in Air to “Grr”? No. (I think–couldn’t hear well.)
  • Voice acting is a tough business. Even tougher than regular acting because it’s specialized.
  • Last question: do they have the rights to use the full song on Air? They have the rights to everything.

That’s it! Thanks everyone. Screening of DMC tomorrow, Byousoku tonight.

Geneon Panel Liveblog

10:16 AM: They’re talking right now about HD release of Akira. Nothing particularly interesting so far.

10:19 AM: ImaginAsian TV ad

10:21 AM: Fuse channel. Why are they using a Tenacious D song?

10:38 AM: first new license announcement! Looks very fanservicey. It’s the Shana no Shakugan OAV.

10:22 AM: New title announcements. Shounen Onmyouji (7/10)

10:28 AM: Saiunkoku (August 28). These actually are all previously announced licenses, I think.

10:31 AM: Hellsing Ultimate. I remember when they were showing this last year or two years ago at Otakon…

10:33 AM: Zero no Tsukaima (aka The Familiar of Zero, officially). Yay! My guilty pleasure of 2006. The trailer is awfully cheesy, though. I mean REALLY cheesy. They actually renamed the school headmaster Gandalf?? Panelists called “Harry Potter as made by the creators of Tenchi Muyo,” which is not too far off, actually.

10:38 AM: First License announcement. It’s the Shana OAV.

10:40 AM: New title #2: Seirei no Moribito. I think this was announced already.

10:42 AM: New title #3: Nanoha and Nanoha A’s. Slides only.

10:44 AM: End of the new title announcements. Packaging survey.

10:54 AM: Panel Q&A. It’s going to be a while before anime comes out on HD-DVD or Blu-Ray. Raffle drawings.

Mike’s AX Schedule

This is how I’m pimpin’ this website at the con, yo. Custom business cards FTW!

Well, the Con is upon us as of tomorrow! These are the events I plan to attend, most of them as an Anime Souffle Platoon Leader (ie, I will have a Souffle armband and there will be a gaggle of disciples club members who might be following me). I won’t be able to attend most of Friday, as I still actually have class…fortunately, the last class of the two week intensive course.


  • AMV Contest (7:00 PM for seating–11:00 PM, Arena–maybe, if I can get there on time)


  • Geneon and ADV Panels (10:00 AM-12:00 PM, LBCC 104A)
  • SOS Brigade Invasion Tour (2:00 PM for tickets–5:30 PM, Arena) <–this is where Aya-chan is, Ray :)
  • The Anime Blog blogger get-together (5:15 PM, Extreme Pizza; I’ll be running late)
  • Tokyo Godfathers Showing (9:30 PM, Terrace Theater)


I will be at church in the morning, so only afternoon and evening events for this day.

  • Art of Reviewing Anime Panel (2:00 PM-3:00 PM, LBCC 203C)
  • Masquerade (5:30 for tickets–11:00 PM, Arena)


Look for me dressed as Kyon (sorta–no school patch, alas), and with an Anime Souffle armband. Our club’s logo is like this:

The Anime Souffle logo

And that’s it. Next time I post will be on the floor of the con. See you there!

Anime Diet Radio Episode 7 – Confabulous!

This was a tough one to edit–Jeremy was only present for the second half, I had to cut some good content like my Paprika review due to technical length limits (stupid Garageband!), and it literally took all night–but it was worth it. For one this has to go up now, since the prime topic of conversation is Anime Expo: plans, hopes, fears, and, of course, gripes aplenty about both the weapon and sign policies they’ve instituted this year. Second was the Anime Genesis Podcasting Workshop promo, which also had to go up now, lest it become obsolete with the weekend…always want to help out my fellow podcasters! Other topics of conversation include a strongly worded rant on Taiwanese cons, Japan’s government ranking of anime and manga, and Johnny Depp in Doraemon.

Show Notes

  • Our very first ad is courtesy of Anime Genesis, who are doing a podcasting workshop on Monday at AX, 11:30 AM. Check them out. (
  • OP: “Howling,” by abingdon boys school (OP Darker than Black)
  • ED: “Sagittarius” by SUEMITSU & THE SUEMITH (ED Nodame Cantabile)
  • News items: 1.) Ministry of Culture list of anime/manga here. (
  • 2) ADV licenses Shinkai’s latest here. (
  • 3.) Johnny Depp on Doraemon here. (
  • The locked AX thread on their sign policy is here. (
  • This is Anime Souffle website, which also has our logo. Look for me dressed as Kyon with the Souffle logo on an armband. (We’d make a sign, but…) (

AX Blogger Meetup Final Info!

For everyone who wants to join the friendly bloggers at The Anime Blog–and myself–at Anime Expo, here’s the final information about when and where we’ll be at! Full details on the original thread here.


WHERE: Convention Hall Lobby by the Exhibit Halls (NOT the lobby by the Arena!)

WHEN: Saturday June 30th @ 5:15

We’ll be wearing our “The Anime Blog” t-shirts and I’ll have a sign that says “Blogger’s Meetup!”. After we gather at 5:15, we’ll wait till 5:25 and head over to Extreme Pizza. Anyone who comes late can meet us at the pizzeria. So come one and all bloggers and break bread together at Anime Expo 2007!!!

So if you’re eager to see at least one of the faces behind Anime Diet, come and join us this Saturday! And spread the word if you’re a fellow blogger who plans to come as well by posting on your own sites.

More details about my AX plans to come…plus the next podcast, which is all about AX!

Anime Expo: Calling All Bloggers

Rachel at theanimeblog has sent out the call, and I have responded. If you’re a fellow blogger about our beloved hobby–or just a faithful reader–and you’d like to meet me and other fellow bloggers at Anime Expo this year, let Rachel know! More importantly, spread the word on your own blogs, and hopefully we’ll see a good number of folks together at America’s biggest con. I plan to do a special live podcast and liveblogging while there, possibly including video! (I shot some blurry videos of last year’s AX, random stuff, and I was amazed at how many hits it still got on Youtube.)

Also, for those who are interested, there is a workshop being held on Monday July 2 about how to break into anime podcasting. It’s run by Anime Genesis, at 11:30 AM. So for all those itching to compete with our own lovely podcast, or more flatteringly itching to imitate us, go check it out if you’re at AX. I’ll be there to pimp my own wares. :)

So to whet your appetite: here are videos from last year’s AX. Enjoy and come join the madness if you dare!