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Otakon schedule

Behold the wanderings of the mysterious moritheil!

Main Events

Friday, July 17, 2009

It's all up to you

11 AM Yutaka Yamamoto

1:30 PM Kikuko Inoue

6:30 PM Dinner at the Inner Harbor Pizza Uno (2 blocks from the con) – you’re all invited to meet me!

7:30 PM  MELL concert

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Vampire Knight hug

10AM Funimation Panel

11AM Masao Maruyama

3:30 PM Kanon Wakeshima Concert

Sunday, July 19, 2009

To Be Determined

This is a rough outline; you’ll find out where I was in the missing time when I file my report.  I typically don’t plan out anything at a convention, unless there’s a panel I must be at.

I look forward to meeting you all there!

For Sale at AX Artists’ Alley D24: The Anime Diet Fanzine


I’m pleased to introduce a milestone for us here at Anime Diet: we’ll be selling a special fanzine at the Anime Expo 2009 Artists’ Alley this year! This magazine is the work of the entire Anime Diet staff and a large number of local artists, and it has all the spirit of your favorite blog and podcast compressed into 20 full color pages. It’s got games, comics, articles and, as a special treat, bonus exclusive material on the web for all purchasers!

So–if you’d like to support this website, come check us out at Artist Alley table D24, say hi to us, and buy a copy of our zine! See you there.

AX 2009: Heck Yeah, We Have a Panel

Picture 1.png

The Date–July 4, 2009
The Time–9:00 AM
The Place–LP3 (LACC 411), Anime Expo 2009
The Event–The Indecent Otaku Comedy Hour!

And if that doesn’t convince you to come, let Dancing Queen’s promo persuade you to show up bright and early on Independence Day.

If you can’t make it to AX this year, have no fear. We will have a live Internet stream of our show, right here in this space. There may even be prizes just for you Net watchers, too. You’re not going to be left out this year!

The Indecent Otaku Comedy Hour: so exposed, it’s indecent.

Moritheil まいり (Moritheil respectfully serves notice of arrival)

Fellow otaku!  I’m excited to be joining Anime Diet.  So, how should I introduce myself?  Blood type?  Astrological signs?  Measurements?

Well, to begin with, I’ve posted a list of the anime I’ve seen, and I’ll be updating it over the next few days.  The inquiring mind will find all sorts of juicy and unfortunate statistics there.  More importantly, I can tell you that I intend to review anime, manga, and games, as well as talk about cultural developments along the lines of Densha Otoko (Train Man) or the Lucky Star shrine invasion.

Look forward to it!

Mairi is what we say when arriving at a shrine.  This is an anime shrine!

MyAnimeList Updated

Not much to say at this point, but I just wanted to let everyone know that MyAnimeList is finally updated after a year of neglect, and I intend to actually keep up with it from now on and even try to get involved in the MAL community if I can. I basically added the shows I watched in 2008.

I have now spent over 49 days of my life just watching anime, over my almost 10 years of fandom. Huzzah…right?

(Let the harping on the shows I haven’t finished or even begun to watch commence.)

ADVERTISEMENT: My Other Gig at Dailysite!


Thus far, thanks to all of you readers and listeners, my work with Anime Diet has helped me get two paying jobs. One is my current job as a web designer/administrator at a local company. The other is what I’m about to describe to you, and I think it’s relevant enough to post about here because it affects you! Read on if you are interested.

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Mike’s New Year’s Blogging Resolutions


In 2009, on Anime Diet, I resolve to:

  • Write some kind of post at least every other day. Even if it’s just a filler news post.
  • Reply to everyone’s comments.
  • Try to write comments more often on others’ blogs.
  • Release podcasts the same week they are recorded. Today’s release is a good start–it’s a new record for me, a mere 3 days after recording!
  • Release podcasts much more regularly as schedule permits. Twice a month, at least.
  • Not promise or pre-announce posts I end up not writing. Or videos I end up not making.
  • Try my very hardest to release con video diaries within one day of their shooting. This is admittedly very difficult sometimes, but lots of Youtubers seem to be able to do it…

I’m also reconsidering the utility of episodic blogging, a style that I’m not sure I do my best within. I like the big batch reviews I started doing for the end of the Fall season. It makes pontificating pretentiously so much easier.

That’s it for me for 2008. What are some of your blogging resolutions? Happy New Year, everyone!

Dieting For Two Years and Counting


As of today…Anime Diet is two years old! We’ve come a very long way since Ray and I started a humble little podcast and blog called Scattered Cels as a way to do something together. We’ve had convention panels, press passes, videos galore and more than a thousand articles and almost 3000 comments. Thousands of you have listened to our podcast over the past couple of years too, and the site even helped get me a job.

Thank you to all our staff past and present, and to you, our readers and listeners for your support. We are here to stay, and so here’s to many more years of fandom and otakuness!

Anime Diet @ New York Anime Festival!

We're going places!
We're going places!

Through a very convenient confluence of events–namely the time which I usually go home to visit my folks–I (Mike: yes, me, not a surrogate) will be attending the New York Anime Festival this year! I am also the holder of a VIP Rie Tanaka ticket, which means I’ll be getting a signing from her–as well as the right to skip most lines.

Like every other con I’ve attended, it’s getting the full treatment: liveblogs, video journals (in HD this time!–thanks to my cameraman), and photos. This also gives me the chance to attend Hinano, JPMeyer and DS’s blogger panel, something I never expected to be able to go to. Having met CalAggie and IcyStorm this year at our panel at AX, it’ll be great to put more faces to the names of my esteemed colleagues in anime blogging.

So that’s the plan for next week. Anyone else other than the panelists going? We can all have a big powwow there…

Helping the Industry (and Ourselves): the Anime Diet Store

Yes, she is.
Yes, she is.

The long quest in making the writers and podcasters of Anime Diet rich has taken another step forward: we have just opened our new Anime Diet (a)Store! The link is in our main menu above. It’s an Amazon Associates store, so all sales are made through; now you can purchase manga and DVDs of any series we’ve reviewed that has a US release. This includes every available manga or DVD volume for a series, not just the first volume–so even though we haven’t talked about the Bleach anime much, you can still buy any or all Bleach DVDs through us. More merchandise will be added as time goes by.

So if you’re looking to buy some anime and manga tha you saw via our site–help the industry, and help us by purchasing through our store! Those bandwidth costs aren’t zero, you know. :)

And how do you do?

Hi everyone!

In an effort to get Mike to stop chasing me around with a giant metal fan of doom, I’ve decided to finally say hello to all of you! (Just kidding, Mike’s too nice to chase me around with a metal fan, it was actually paper) I’m one of Anime Diets newest (and female!) writers, and I’ll be writing mostly anime reviews! That is if I can ever actually get a hold of the anime.

You see, I have notoriously bad luck with torrents. I think I have the touch of death to be honest. I download them after checking their stats and magically they’ll suddenly have no seeders. My friend who used to find good torrent links for me, refuses to send them to me until he’s done downloading first, in fear that I’ll kill it with magic internet bad luck.

Anyways, I’ll try to do my best reviews for you, and if nothing else I’ll post with random otaku goodness as often as I can! It’s great to meet you, please leave a comment and say hello! =^.^=