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Dragonaut 4– To the MOON!!!!

 killing him will solve your problemdrinking won’t make me hate you less.I just like seeing people punched

Dragonaut 4 is not full of clichés like last time which is good.   There were still some frustrating things in it but a well done episode overall.    There is more story telling in this episode which is a positive but then again the weak supporting characters and clichés could still end up making this series worse.

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Dragonaut 3–cliches WHOAAA

Missiles" class="imageframe imgalignleft" height="112" width="200" />ugh drawn out transformationsissy gets punched by a naked man

A different take on something already reviewed.

It seems this series is still trying to find itself. For an episode that starts with a fight, it is a little slow. The fighting seems to be pretty ineffective on all sides. Although it does beg the question: what weapons would work against dragons? The military seems to be full of people with no clue what to do. They work to cross purposes that only create more problems. Continue reading Dragonaut 3–cliches WHOAAA

Baccano 3– BAM and the boring search for the brother

and a broken nose for you.playing with fireTantrum

The third episode is more about being off the train then being on it. We learn about Eve looking for her brother. Oh, and her brother is being hunted by mafia. He plays no real part in the series yet. Eve visits some information brokers but none are willing to help her with her search. This is a silly chase where everywhere they go, no one has heard of where her brother is located. No point to the story and overly long. Continue reading Baccano 3– BAM and the boring search for the brother

Baccano 2–the real beginning

lemures?a very awkward hugStealing from the planet eh?

The second episode actually more of a story and plot. The real beginning of the show starts with this episode. We are introduced to the characters and start to get an idea of their personalities. Isaac and Miria are the comic relief who have the required quirks. They are like clowns and acrobats. Miria has the slightly unappealing quirk of repeating most of the things Isaac says. They are plucky and optimistic which is nice. The characters there are little flourishes in some of the character movement that are enjoyable to watch. Some movements look similar to a choreographed dance. Firo gets a minor flesh wound to show off the abilities the immortals.

Baccano 1– Meh

not enough guns but here are some.most annoying girl we never see againfingers come back

If you watch Baccano first kiss your linear thinking goodbye. The first episode is a random collection of events and characters with no real story told. You find certain characters killed and others in situations that don’t make sense. One item learned in the episodic scenes is that certain characters heal after “dieing” and repair of any physical damage. In the end you have a loose introduction to the characters that is done a little better in the theme song for the show. The concept of immortals is not terrible novel or exciting. This episode is not a good setup for the series. At best a loose introduction to other characters. The soundtrack through out the series is jazz keeping with the 1930s feel to the show. The animation is decent and what one would expect. Keeping watching after this episode.

Hello hello hello

Hi everybody, I’m Matt and a new reviewer here. the first anime I have ever seen was Slayers. I enjoy more the of Shounen series and Mecha is always good. A slice of ultra violence is a great addition to anything I watch. I have not written any reviews before so any criticism would be welcome. The first series I am reviewing is Baccano! Hope it is helpful.