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White Album 2: final episode

Most shocking scene that we otaku went, “gyaahhhhh!!!”

After all, White Album 2 the animation just ended. So, the anime only covered “introductory chapter” of the game. That’s just high school part. But it was very sad. School Days was really bad because Makoto was an @sshole. But White Album 2, at least, the main character dude has conscience, thank God that there’s no “nice boat.” And, college part of the game is kind of “crime and punishment,” which I should think they should animate as 2nd season!  Continue reading White Album 2: final episode

12 Days of Christmas: Season of White Album


Yes, Xmas season, when you go to Starbucks or Walmart or K-mart or any capitalist markets, you hear Xmas songs. Yes, SinatraNat King ColeBing CrosbyGeorge MichaelMariah Carey. Those romantic songs, especially Mariah Carey, reminds me of adolescence, all the girls I fell in love from my high school loved this song, yup, even Amuro Namie was a huge fan of Mariah. Every time I hear this song, I so crave for skinship horribly! But instead I listen to John Lennon’s Happy Christmas, this isn’t a romantic song, so I don’t need to feel ko-hi (孤悲= lonely sadness) or saudade or sehnsucht. But still…guuahhhhh, X-mas itself makes me uhh, ahh, what is English expression? In Brazilian, it is “estou morrendo de saudade (I’m dying of saudade).” That celesta is so depicting twinkle Snow! In Japan, X-mas is the climatic day when riajuu get laid. Some sad folks go to Soap Land (old Turkish bath) to ease their solitary night, but that’s just first-aid treatment, only emergency care. And of course, Obamacare won’t cover that. So, I go to 2D… Continue reading 12 Days of Christmas: Season of White Album

Madoka movie part 2, David Bowie-sque labyrinth, 17 forever


Sunday night, The Day of Infamy, aka, Pearl Harbor (Dec 7th in American time), Gautama Buddha’s pari-nirvana day, and also the day John Lennon was killed. Yes, December 8th is very historical day. That night, I bought a ticket online while I thought there won’t be any tickets left since this was the movie that everyone was excited about. And we had a high expectation for how Urobuchi would turn around the story in a form of cinematique. Continue reading Madoka movie part 2, David Bowie-sque labyrinth, 17 forever

Contemplation on the last film of Miyazaki: loss of imo


I watched the last Miyazaki film, Kaze Tachinu or The Wind Rises, it is about the designer of the legendary zero fighter of the Japanese Empire, Horikoshi Jiro. I went to the earliest one in the morning, but the theater was already full. Wow, the world renowned director Miyazaki is! Continue reading Contemplation on the last film of Miyazaki: loss of imo

Maid cafes in Akiba, Nietzsche would be dancing in his grave!


In America, simply no girl smiles at you. The only place where girls smile at you wholeheartedly is Starbucks. That’s why I always to go Starbucks, and see a girl smile at me, and have a very short term of instant gratification of being recognized.Yes, I perfectly know that they are trained to smile at customers, and I’m just a customer to her. But still, while no girl smiles at me in real life, I get to have a little humble pleasure from being smiled at this coffee shop, or this globally franchised cafe. I always smile at girls, but usually my humble favor is not returned or simply ignored here in the United States of America, or I should say NAFTA. Sometimes, I resort to a speculation that this might be due to racism because I’m an Asian boy, but that is hardly a case because racism was defeated by Obama’s historical election in 2008. So, since 2008, racism is dead. So, I would think that it’s simply that American services in general are DMV quality.

Now I’ve got used to dystopic America too much, where all shops except for Starbucks are like DMV. Yes, their service is really crappy. They treat you like cattle before being sent to slaughterhouses. Buta-don (Pig bowl) of Silver Spoon even got better love than us. I don’t think they see me as a valuable customer who is helping them to feed their family. When they say “thank you,” there is no emotion attached, and no smile at all.

So, I wanted to go to a cafe, yes, where girls smile at you. Yes, the ultimate one is needless to say that maid cafe in Akiba! So, I went to Akiba with high expectations that they would be far better than Starbucks. As my maidology study tour, trying to emulate our Anime Diet maidologist The PaperContinue reading Maid cafes in Akiba, Nietzsche would be dancing in his grave!

Nagi No Asukara, first epi…beautifully saudade…


Nagi No Asukara, just watched episode 1 and oh my god…really beautiful! And the feeling, koi, or saudade or sehnsucht or mono no aware is there! Totally, yeah, female childhood friend, and a fear that she might be NTRed someday by a new boy in a new world. Yes, totally know that feeling! Oh man, not girl-hunting, but girl-fishing! Christ’s first disciples were fishermen, the most sacred profession on earth! But I never want my loved ones to be fished (NTRed)…and here’s why… Continue reading Nagi No Asukara, first epi…beautifully saudade…

Servant & Service, final episode, full of responsibility again

Thus closed Servant x Service. I feel so sad this series just ended. It was an unusual anime, because most anime settings are in high school, or few middle school, but mostly the time frame is focused on school days. But this anime was about social responsible adults working at a public office. Yes, story of slice and life as social adults, not school kids. Continue reading Servant & Service, final episode, full of responsibility again

Why the world don’t need Fist of the North Star.

So many gruesome anime are getting more attention like Attack On Titan, which I’m watching on Crunchyroll, yes, this kind of splatter anime was since Fist Of The North Star, aka Hokuto-No-Ken (北斗の拳) also on Crunchyroll. It is said to be one of the greatest grand epic anime from the 1980s if Attack On Titan is considered as the 2010’s greatest epic anime. Oh boy, it was horrible. I felt really sick to my stomach.

Continue reading Why the world don’t need Fist of the North Star.