MM 05 with power level over 9000!

It’s WAY OVER 9000!  XD

With hentai power level like that, who isn’t going to fall for him???

IT's OVER 9000!
I'm telling you it's over 9000!

Wow (keep in mind I’m living in hell at the moment)! But, this episode has me LMAO! It’s just what the doctor ordered for a pick me up!

We have a new bishojo who’s crazy about turning everyone in the world into…well, you know.

Taro happens to be the right candidate for that. And you know what?

His hentai power level is OVER 9000! With a power level OVER 9000! You think he can’t save the world with the powers from the hentais all over the world powering him up ala the tree of might??? Or like Sailor Moon SuperS???

Also, remember the psycho/illusion generator in Chaos; gives Head?

Yes, it’s Noah 2. But now, the power of hentai is Noah’s gospel!!!

(Shit, I’m turning Monsieur LaMoe!)

Human Instrumentality Hentai Project??? Brilliant! That’s what we need to save this perversion filled worthless century!

Thanks to Taro, who has hentai power lever OVER 9000, the plan from HIIRAGI NOAH works and everything is funny in this episode!

which anime does this pays tribute to?

Soooo…With Mio stepping on him encouraging him to fight harder, we have Super Seiyan Hentai!!!


Did I mention I was laughing my ass off in HELL (Taiwan is hell, don’t doubt it)?

OH, the sad plot…



The world should be a world of hentai. A-motherfucking-cock-sucking-Jesus-flying-men.


Oh and, it’s a miracle caused by hentai! Amen! Righteous!

At the end…

IT’S still OVER 9000!

P.S. the last robot is a tribute to Armor Trooper’s scope dog. Is that obscure enough for you?

Some extremely late NYAF 2010 impressions, part 1

First of all, I have to apologize for how late this article is appearing; I became very sick after the convention and recovery has been slow between my day job and other personal commitments.  My name is Jack, better known as StarCreator to some.  I was invited here to share my opinions and experiences at New York Anime Fest 2010.

The Jacob Javitz center.

NYAF 2010 was definitely very unique, in that the parent company decided to combine it with their other, larger event, New York Comic Con.  The difference this made was massive; in the span of a single year, NYAF went from being a small con focused almost exclusively on industry and their musical guests, to a behemoth of a convention encompassing everything from video game demonstrations to independent comic artists, with what was left of NYAF literally under their feet.  The difference is so large, that even though I have been attending anime conventions for the better part of 11 years, the most similar convention to NYAF 2010 I have attended was actually PAX East last year – which makes sense, knowing both conventions are run by the same exhibitions company.

The line to enter the convention Friday morning.

Overall, I’m still not quite sure what to think of the convention.  The two events definitely did not meld together well, and getting around was quite difficult due to the sheer number of attendees crammed into relatively small paths.  The show floor itself, at its worst, was nearly unnavigable; I’m told there were a few dealers selling anime goods in a corner, but I was never able to wade in that far.  In the end, I only made it to about half the number of events in the convention I had intended, as dealing with the large crowd was exhausting and most of New York’s better food options brought me far from the convention center.

While there were some non-anime events that were quite enjoyable, such as seeing some really good StarCraft II matches at the Intel Extreme Masters tournament, I think that as an anime con goer, NYAF was better off when it wasn’t shoehorned into a much larger event.  I still had a great time, but it was in large part due to the company I kept throughout the weekend rather than the events at the convention itself.

In the next part of my NYAF impressions, I’ll take a closer look at the specific events I attended.

Waiting for Haruhi; or, My Anime Series Can’t Be This Original!

The howling critical reactions (and counterreactions) in the anime blogosphere about the fourth episode of Oreimo have prompted some further thought, as a follow-up to wintermuted’s last essay and my own thoughts on Oreimo 3: have many of us gotten so desperate for anything surprising in anime that we will grasp onto even the barest scraps of originality and quality? It’s almost as if we were waiting for a great series to sweep us off our feet and remind us of why we love this medium to begin with. It’s almost as if we were waiting…for another Haruhi?

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Magical Girl Nanoha and me picking up an old show

Well, you know there’s something called the “internet”? You know that there are certain not so perfectly legit sites out there…

And you know that when you’re a fan of Yukarin and Nana-chan…?

Well, lo and behold, I got all the Nanoha seasons…hey, sue me.

(Actually, on second thought, don’t. Because now I’m nearly flat broke. Except I live in Taiwan and somehow I’m surviving.)

Nanoha is a magical girl show that take the classic formula and adds a lot of emotional struggles and drama. Stuff that used to appear in the last four episodes of every Sailor Moon series (yes, I watched every episode and movie of Sailor Moon), appears very early in Nanoha. But the classic qualities of a magical girl is there – compassion, understanding, a fighting stick, a magical animal…

OK wait, WHO THE HELL MAKE THE STICK COMPUTER ACTIVATED??? Oh sure, we’re told that it’s still about magical powers, but hey!

Road Siruva Cartriji (Load silver cartrige)!

That’s a second seson thing. I’m only on episode 4 of season 2.

OK, OK, let me get this straight, so…this show was massively popular so that’s why they made FOUR seasons, right?

I dunno. I kind of like it. Even though it’s really because Tamura Yukari (YUKARINNNN) and Mizuki Nana are in it. Oh and Fate is soooooo cute!

Other than that, it really doesn’t impress an anime veteran that much. I do feel that unlike the classic magical girl show with like 40 + episodes, it’s nice to see everything wrap up in 13 episodes. I do also have to say that, damn, the new millenium magical girl shows sure are rather unhappy at times.

Not to mention Nanoha gets her ass kicked so often it is not even funny. What happened to super power ups and transformations in the middle of desperation?

The 21 century is desperate and ass-sucking indeed. Fuck the new millenium.

Iron man anime 04 works magic again

Now I’m simply confused; why does this simple little show works for me?

Man, even with the cheesy save by WOLVERINE (did the orignal comic feature guest appearance of Wolverine), I felt that it was satisfying in many ways. I did watch most of the first movie and the anime cleverly tacks onto it. The interweaving of the anime version of the flashback works just fine with the anime itself.

I didn’t find Nanami annoying this time. Even though the music score is the same as before, it works here, and like I said, tacking itself onto the movie really makes this episode thrilling and moving. It’s an advantage.

Once again…WTF is Wolvering doing here? A quick promo for the Japanese version of Wolvering? Honestly, man…

I know Clamp loves to put characters from one show into another. But this, too…?

The Wolverine here is very similar to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. The custom design is nearly the same, if not a carbon copy. But hey, it’s another good episode in a basic superhero show.

It’s just that, having nearly the same type of enemy every week is starting to get Sailor Moon on me. Zodiac, Zodiac, and more Zodiac. Ho-hum.

Oh well, at least they’re sticking to the basics.

A Certain Magical Index II 03 – continuing the mental toughness

Damn, why is this show so good? I finished season one and I was blown away. Season two isn’t letting up. I’m still blown away most of the time!

Yes, Touma has a magical hand (heh heh heh heh you said magical hand) that can cancel all magical powers, but think about it: how big is his hand, really? I mean, what happens when the opponent attacks with a sword? A gun? How about something that you can’t just simply block with a hand? How about when the opponent attacks with his mind power???

No problem mate. Touma is tough in the mind. That’s where he’s the strongest. That’s right, he’s got a tough mind. Forget powerful magic, forget esper powers, forget all that.

When it comes down to it, his mind is what wins the day.

Man oh man…I never realized that a Certain Magical Index is so good! I watched the first episode of the first season a few years back and I thought it was rather stereotypical – magical girlfriend lands from the sky. Yay, the same.

But after giving the first season a try, I was hooked. Now the second season is just as intense.

Hey, did you suspect that Christian nuns are really just self-righteous assholes? I did. So be it,

My goodness, you haven’t watched this show? What the fuck are you waiting for???

Another Love for 地獄少女, an Artbook Review

Earlier this month, I had another entry about Jigoku Shoujo or Hell Girl, but what about an artbook? This I can review. There are other artbooks that came out from this series, but this is a pretty good conclusive anime image collection. This is a product that has so far only been released in Japanese, and covers three seasons of images, whether it is DVD image or special publicity images. So unless if any American company wants to release it in English, only shopping it at Japanese bookstores, or internet sources will be the way to get this possibly out of print lovely book. It certainly had me in a tizzy for a bit. I waited a couple of months, before my friend gave this to me from Japan.

Earlier this month, I was faced with someone who mentioned on how episodic the series can be, but to think of how often a person can hate another person for some very “simple” reasons. You really can’t picture any suffering or torment can be for some one, and isn’t it human nature to be a creature of habit?  Anyone can watch one or two episodes, and that would be okay, but the background of Enma-Ai is what gets to me. How hatred can spawn a deep need for vengeance, and from that revenge, there is a penance to pay.

I did do a similar feature of something like this on my own blog, so.. trying it out on Anime Diet. A difference between this from my own blog is that I scanned in the images.

Towards the back of the book, there is transcribed interviews with Mariko Oka who is the character designer for Jigoku Shoujo and Mamiko Noto, who is the Japanese seiyuu for Enma Ai. There is also a small section that details product information for cds, dvds, and media items for Japanese products. So as taken from’s Information section, this is the ISBN numbers for this artbook: ISBN-10: 4758011222 ISBN-13: 978-4758011228.

New Column -The Habit: Part Of The Problem?

Introducing, The Habit: Musings on the viewing rituals of Wintermuted (aka. Mike Olivarez). I think I may have a problem..

Could it be that this crusty old viewer is borderline getting soft? Or is it more a matter of being acclimated? Sometimes the answer is incremental, as if certain degrees determine where a reviewer sees the oncoming product, and cannot help but be concerned when new approaches come to the fray. It hasn’t always been this way for sure, but perhaps I’ve been weaned far too long on the safe to where I can’t let go of what seems to work most often? As the new season has been well under way, it has become apparent to me that as someone who does in fact defend artistic diversity of all shapes and approaches, especially in a medium so drowned in sameness…that I seem to be more caught up by shows that do small tweaks to otherwise formulaic concepts this time around. So when a certain population of the fan community (myself included) see Hiroyuki Imaishi’s latest, and can’t seem to find the hip within the jive, I begin to wonder if we ourselves have at least a small part to blame for the medium’s evolutionary congestion. We can’t seem to get out of this mire, and yet here I am, actually watching Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt, wishing I was watching more Star Driver, or even Shinryaku! Ika Musume.

Seriously. Have the screws come loose at last or what?

It is no secret that many of my writings, whether they be for this site, or on mine, or even on The Wandering Kaijyu, I’ve often worked to shed light on some of the more strange, independently motivated pieces of work released into the ether. So when something like GAINAX’s latest leaves me colder than a bowl of naengmyeon, I begin to wonder if it is perhaps the fault of some of the more staunchly pro-originality bloggers & critics that studios continue to crank out the same mass production cheese-whiz. It isn’t often when even a well-respected anime studio takes the risk, and goes for broke in the manner that P & S has exhibited, but it also says something about how anime is digested, and by whom that shows like this come out into the world seeking their own lives as pieces of commodity.

Which isn’t to say that P & S is in any way an awful series. In fact, as I had mentioned in my Kaijyu review of the debut episode, it is an eye-raping tour de force in regards to sheer style. But in a time where excess is maligned, and originality of story should take precedence as fringe fans are what are really required in order to ensure a future, a show like this seems ill-conceived, and out of place. And yes, this remains true of the G-folk who for decades as a studio has never been known for their business savvy. But one would consider that for things to in fact improve, it is important to remain focused on the moment, and to shoot beyond mere wankery on par with Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi with sex & scat. It simply won’t do.

So what is it about the more traditional shows I’ve actually been enjoying?

See, this is where I run into trouble since so many of my previous posts run rampant with the expected grumbling about the dearth of ideas in anime today. So I offer this addendum to those wishing to cry foul at my apparent double-standard; it is not enough to have a unique idea, writing compelling stories with interesting characters is damn hard work, and I only wish to see more of this rather than mere animation fan porn. ( Think Kannagi from a few years ago. A tragic waste of great resources imho.)

There, I said it. Tropes are fine, as long as there is a sense of energy and fun to the written proceedings, which is probably why Star Driver has been fun so for for me. And even as the parade of archetypes rolls in, and the pageantry barges in like some kind of acid-laced throwback to the heyday of the so-called “edge-anime” of the late 90s, it is important to consider the writing behind the series. And since so many do not remember the name of Yoji Enokido, all I need say is FLCL, Utena, & RahXephon, and there you have it. It is pretty clear that we’re looking at a classier than normal surrealist take on not merely visual chutzpah, but in the storytelling to boot. And that is pretty exciting to consider. There is an economy of talent that can in fact turn in Studio Bones’ favor should this series continue in this manner.

And really, this is what it is all about for me. Economy of talent, which also…strangely..shows up in some of the least expected places. Had you asked me a few weeks ago regarding the story of Masahiro Anbe’s Shinkyraku! Ika Musume coming to Crunchyroll, I would have scoffed like so many an anime hipster. Flash forward to now, and I’m eating those notions with a giant, Pee-Wee Herman-sized spoon. As stupid as the premise truly is [Squid Girl, embittered by the carelessness of land dwelling humans declares invasion by disrupting a beachside noodle shop, only to become an employee, and friend to the proprietors-See? SEE?], it is the clever combination of fun writing (some by scribe Michiko Yokote), and clever animation that sets it apart from the current pack. A show like this simply shouldn’t work, and yet it does in spite of itself.

But there is only so much guilty pleasure to spread around, which is why Imaishi has not impressed me this time around. While it does ease off on the poo-humor, it does offer a nonstop barrage of parodies of not merely US animated shows of the last ten years, but of american culture in general, which could make for some terrific cannon fodder, the problem lies largely within the format. Had this been a series of late night three-minute shorts, I probably could be more open to it, but the assault inherent in every two segment show mows over us only to become boring.-The Worst Possible Sin. Even as a longtime Dirty Pair fan, I have to still dismiss this. After all, I like my Dirty Pair story packed, and FUN. P & S, with it’s stunning colors, animation, and sugary oxygen is just exhausting, and everything but.

So perhaps some of us are in fact getting old. I know it isn’t just me. But I do feel a little bad for defending the tide this season. Revolution works in stages, and this is perhaps one of the longest in history.

MM 04 – who are you trying to heal?

Hey guys, have you noticed a pattern here if you’ve been following this show? OK, OK, maybe I’m just stupid and didn’t notice until last and this episode but…

Like hell they’re trying to heal Taro!

Wow. In this episode, all the funny shtick of dating sim pops up and of course, the twists are fun, mad and simple. Taro enjoys it all and everyone is happy.


In the middle of everything, if you’re an anime verteran, you know something is not right with our heroine.

The reason is rather typical if you’re an Otaku from Asia. But after all,

the world is shit and broken and that’s the truth.

What can be said? It’s just another day in Otaku paradise.

May the world really end in 2012 and may the unsaved be forsaken. It’s been taking too fucking long to end the world for their worthless sake. Good riddence.

7-11- The Start of a Konbini Revolution….

Before anyone said how can this be a revolution, since it is just a 7-11’s “are just about anywhere.” Let me just say one thing, they really are not….not in New York City, and I mean it with a damn straight face. There are plenty of restaurants, clothing stores, Starbucks, 99cent stores, but yeah they don’t really really stay open past a certain point. Plus they won’t let you exactly waltz in and use their heating equipment.. just like that… sooo..

7-11 are in Japan though, a dime a dozen in the urban centers – with other konbini or convenient stores like Family Mart or Lawson and others- all so conveniently located around shopping areas, with long hours. Why am I even thinking about this?

Because earlier this evening, when I was out with my friend, she showed up with a cold pizza inspired bread from the already closed New York’s Cafe Zaiya, who close at 8pm on the dot and shoo everyone out, probably quarter to 8. I didn’t get a chance to taste pizza inspired bread. Well before I get into this tangent on a bit upset I was and on a whole other tangent on why Japanese konbini’s rock and rule! I need to get into the purpose of this entry…

Even in black and white..what is the purpose of a konbini?

Project X: Challengers – Seven Eleven, this manga is released by DMP back in 2006, and even though it is technically considered out of print….. find it and read it if you can. This is one of the few educational manga that I picked up. Basically in a nutshell, this manga is about how 7-11 made its way to the land of the rising sun, and boomed. There are several points I found attractive or off-putting from this book.

Points I found attractive:

  • Takes a boring subject, and turn it into an entertaining yet learning read.
  • Readers learn about the coolness of a Japanese Konbini. This is a stark reminder of how often I miss it so dearly and fondly. That even the United States version makes me shudder at times in contrast to the Japanese ones.
  • This is a real story, and things happened to people.

Points I found off

  • This read very much like a pro-Japanese yet also commissioned book. This is a translated manga, so no other way of guessing who’s original intended audience is. It still got chosen to be translated though.
  • What I mentioned as a positive is also a factor I found strange, there are photographs, and a time line in the back that makes me wonder if there were any actual video documentaries of this story. Do people even want to read or see these people? Makes the whole book/story feel downright dated.
  • The age rating of this book is for all ages, and this is a “native manga”, but yes times have obviously changed from that time, so manga readers should get use to reading right to left.
  • There is warnings for the need to google search for Showa years, since the Japanese calender is quite different from an English one.
Where's Captain Planet?

The Brother and Sisterhood of Fan: Oreimo’s Two Families

Oreimo, perhaps the most surprising show of the season, has sparked a lot of discussion across the blogosphere. Is it a more realistic depiction of sibling life, at least compared to the rancidly moe depiction of little sisters in recent anime? Or is it just another incest-fest waiting to happen, as a jaundiced interpretation of the most recent episode might suggest? Heck, might it be a covertly Christian lesson in turning the other cheek and loving your enemies?

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