Lovely Complex (Final Episode) – She’s So High Above Me…

Though it would not be called an atypical shojo love comedy by any stretch, one thing that Love-Com does well is make good use of it’s comedic effects while adding just enough drama. It did this well enough to keep my wife and I following the story rather religiously to the end. After a while, it became kind of a guilty pleasure. We both painfully and gleefully watched our favorite All Hanshin Kyoshin duke it out with their own hang ups, meddling friends, previous other and wannabe love interests, as well both of their tendency to be outright clueless. From the very beginning, it’s not hard to have a strong sense that the stars will most likely align to bring this vertically mismatched couple together in a state of harmonious dysfunction.


Although they differ greatly in the height department, they are in fact as much alike as two people can get. This fact bonds them together as an inseparable duo when it comes to there favorite rock star Umibouzu, the Uber-slide at the water park and exotic mystery drinks at the cafe (as well as countless other activities that anyone else would have found weird or childish). Unfortunately though, their similarity also becomes one of their greatest points of contention as it often drives them to bicker back and forth like an old married couple. Not to mention the drama caused by the fact they both so clueless and stupid as to realize each others obvious feelings for each other at any given worst moment.

The season ending plays out very fittingly for this love comedy as the two reach their final hurdle, which is both touching and laughable. It is with a fair amount of comedic skill and ability to pluck and the romantic’s heart strings that the creators only slightly rush to wrap everything up in the final 25 minutes. After finally getting past most of the love hate drama, everything comes to a head when Otani’s household is mysteriously infected with nothing short of the bubonic plague just before his big college entrance exam.

Spoilers Show
The roller coaster ride that ensues is only befitting this hapless couple and serves to show exactly what kind of bonds they possess. The rest is up to your imagination, unless you watch it for yourself, of course.

Overall, I would give it two thumbs up, one for me and one for my significant other (who just so happens to be right around my same height).

The Glorious Return of Michael

Missed me? You see, I was in the hospital since Wednesday, confirming just how unrealistic the details of hospitals in Hantsuki are recovering from a seizure that I suffered right smack in the middle of class. (Family Therapy class, no less.) Apparently, my calcium levels were dangerously low and phosphorous levels were dangerously high, and plus I was under lots of stress due to school. But for the several days I was at the hospital, I had greater fears that my childhood epilepsy had returned and that it meant I would no longer be able to drive, among other things, and that I would be really dependent on others for basic tasks for the rest of my life. Fortunately, that was not the case. It was just a nutritional and electrolyte deficiency according to the doctors. I have to see an endocrinologist in a week.

This was a real wake up call for me: to take much better care of my body, especially in the areas of diet, sleep, and exercise. I’m taking calcium pills, swearing off alcohol and soda altogether, and going to try to get 7.5 hours of sleep a night minimum. I have to, because my body just sent me a serious warning, and fortunately it was at a relatively young age rather than later, when it’s much harder to correct. To any otaku who are reading this who had similarly unhealthy habits to me (not enough sleep, staying up real late, eating junk food a lot and drinking)…your body cannot take everything. It’s got limits. And you may end up hitting those limits without warning and when it’s least convenient. That’s what I learned the hard way. Don’t let it happen to you, especially if you have a history of poor health in your childhood, like I did.

I’d like to thank my friends and family for taking good care of me–calling me, visiting, checking up on how I’m doing. I felt really cared for while I was in the hospital and am deeply touched and grateful. Y’all rock.

Things will be back to normal for me on this website starting next week, though from now on, my bodily needs are going to be more important even than this endeavor. I won’t have to stop altogether obviously, and I have no desire to, but I will be sure to spend some time in the evening exercising and no more late night posting.

Genshiken s2 ep4 – you have to ask yourself…


…That even if you were Otaku, would you not jump on Ono after all these time she spent in your house taking off her clothes?

perhaps what happened in this episode is the the reality for Otaku, but even I had to step back and think about how far fetched it is.

I’ve gotten tired of the OP even though I still get some chuckles. The charm of the fake OP for the first season is that it was played only once, and then the regular OP, but yeah, the OP really isn’t supposed to do much after the 1st episode for most shows, anyway. A really funny OP becomes nothing after being played for the third time.

We’re getting some development of the side characters and for manga fans, this is a nice treat as we get to see how Ono and Tanaka finally get together.  Also we get to learn a little more about Ono’s cosplay preference and other.

But yeah, I guess Tanaka is…yasashi? He actually turns on the TV when Ono’s changing so he can’t hear her changing.

Sheesh, when does being nice to women ever worked in real life???????

Also, female Otaku often desires good looking guys and would stay away from dating a male Otaku. Just ask these women, they’ll tell ya.

What’s going on between Ono and Tanaka is rather easy to tell for others, and I think in some sense they know it, but they simply can’t do much before.

In real life, however, just because two people work together on one project don’t mean they’ll get together.

But Kujiki’s role certainly lifted up to the highest degree of funnies. The sequence where he shamelessly asks if Tanaka and Ono are doing it, and then gets knocked out afterwards is just anime comedic gold.

I think this episode is Genshiken finding back it Otaku humor roots, all thanks to the extremely shameless and awkward Kujiki.

BTW,  guys, unless you’re really good-looking, attractive, or the like, women never takes the charge. That’s just a fact of life.

93% recommended for your daily anime diet.

Drool and salivate!

From ANN

Anime Fashion Show to be Held at Japan’s Kobe Airport 

The Kobe International Airport in central Japan will host the “Animation Fashion Show in Marine Air” on November 2 …

…models will catwalk as characters from works that have won Animation Kobe Awards, which are among the industry’s most prestigious awards. Specifically, the fashion show will showcase Neon Genesis Evangelion, Card Captor Sakura, Mobile Suit Gundam Seed, Fullmetal Alchemist, Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, Stellvia of the Universe, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Lucky ☆ Star, Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann, and Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion…

Ray’s take: Wondering why you haven’t heard from us lately?

(OK guys, with our ultra Thermal Optic Camouflage suit, there’s no way these security guys are going to find us! Thanks, US military! Har har har!) XD