Exclusive: Claymore Staff PMX 2007 Press Conference Transcript

L to R: translator, Umehara, Tanaka

Anime Diet is proud to present the transcript of questions our staff (Jeremy and myself) asked the director and character designer of the Claymore anime, Hiroyuki Tanaka and Takahiro Umehara! The interview took place at PMX on Sunday, November 11, 2007, at 5 PM. It was attended only by ourselves and one other reporter, so we were able to ask most of the questions that you, the readers, requested (others were answered in the fan panel). We even have a little endorsement of sorts from them! Just like Mike Huckabee with Chuck Norris, we are now Claymore-approved.

The Youtube link above does not constitute an endorsement of Mike Huckabee. Despite the fact that he shares my first name.

This transcript is edited for clarity and conciseness. The translator for both of them translated in both first and third persons, but mostly in the latter. To preserve the character of the interview, all answers have been written in third person (e.g., “he says…”) Only questions that Anime Diet staff asked were transcribed.

Thanks to Jinnie at the PMX press office for arranging this conference!

Coming in a few days: a transcript and pictures of our private interview with Yukana.

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Clannad 7-8: The End of Memory

The heartbreak

I can’t help it. The Fuko arc really does work after all, in spite of itself. Maybe the reason why the arc is so long is because it needed that time to settle in the viewer’s mind, but there’s something primal and powerful about where this story is headed that I can’t help but be touched by.

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ef~a tale of memories 7–Dependency

Anno would be pleased

There is a very strong relationship between love and worth. We can’t feel like we’re worth anything as people unless we are loved, because we’re simply not made to be content with ourselves. The characters in this episode learn this in the starkest, most harrowing, and heartbreaking way the creators of this show can muster. It is the artistic and emotional high point of the best show of Fall 2007.

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The View from the AT Field 03 – animated girls VS real girls

Hi I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving, or if you don’t celebrate it at all, a nice Thursday. Because this one ain’t happy, folks. This is best listened after a full stomach of food, maybe even sweets including a whole chocolate cake. Anyhow, listen to it at your own risk…

Here comes the always grumpy uncle Ray!

See the script here, also below:

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Romance, Drama, and Trauma: A Tentative Mid-Season Reflection

For some reason, this fall season has resulted in me only blogging three shows regularly–Clannad, Kimikiss Pure Rouge, and especially ef-a tale of memories. All are either primarily or feature romance in prominent places, and of the teenage variety to boot, and a good many have either some real heavy drama/trauma or at least the threat of such. What gives? Why am I sucked into these shows time and time again? Is it time to wonder whether Ray is right and I’m much more confused about my sexuality than I assumed? :)

This is an Anime Blog Collective post, in conjunction with Roxas, Karura, CCYoshi, Martin, Hige, J. Valdez, Xerox and Owen–not to mention our very own Ray, whom I’ve asked to join us.

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Fall 2007 season – the fall of Otaku


[Editor’s note: this is a part of the Anime Blogger Collective effort. I’m Ray and after Mike asked me, I decided to contribute! For other excellent articles, see these –Roxas, Karura, CCYoshi, Martin, Hige, J. Valdez, Xerox and Owen.]

Yeah, I’ve tried to cover a lot of shows in Fall 2007, and since then I’ve concentrated my efforts on 4 of them while keeping an eye on others that I were blogging before. For me, so far none of the shows impressed me or elicited in me strong reactions as I have for some shows in Summer 2007.

Shows that I’ve been reviewing for the fall: Gundam 00, Genshiken s2, Blue Drop, Bamboo Blade, and Sketch Book – Full Color’s.

Shows that I’ve reviewed or talked about in the summer: Claymore, El Cazador, and Zetsubo Sensei.

Please note that I’m well aware that the shows that I’ve been writing about varies in genre and making strict and direct comparison is obviously unfair. However, compare with the quality and the variety of shows I’ve experienced for summer, I find shows in the fall somewhat lacking. Of course, also note that this is only the mid-season review and many shows have yet to be fully developed and still have vast potential.

Next is my view on the shows I’ve been writing reviews about and some of my observation for fall 2007 in general.

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Deathnote witnessed in Virginia, USA?

From ANN

Virginian Teen Suspended over Names in ‘Death Note’ 

…Military Academy in Richmond, Virginia suspended a senior this week for reportedly having a list of his classmates’ names in a book called “Death Note,” a reference to the Japanese suspense manga and anime…

…the manga’s Taiwanese publisher and a non-profit Taiwanese watchdog group supported the work for raising issues, and a Washington state librarians’ group nominated it for a young adults’ book award. Two messages left in a Belgian crime scene have been associated with Death Note, but police in that case have yet to identify a suspect…

Ray’s take:  There’s a web site that lets you do your own Death Note, alas the site seems to be down at the moment. I could find it very handy…In any case, above was another Death Note sighting! Where will the Death Note appear next???!!!

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving (if your country celebrates it).

Odex’s Misfires Cross Oceans…

From Anime News Network and DarkMirage:

The American company BayTSP has acknowledged that it accidentally processed warning notices for allegedly unauthorized anime downloaders in France, Japan, and the United States last week, according to a Wednesday report in The New Paper periodical in Singapore. Odex, an anime licensee in Singapore, had asked BayTSP, a firm that deals with online intellectual property, to pursue unauthorized anime downloaders in that country only, and not worldwide.

Mike’s Take: I remember seeing the original story about fansub downloaders being served in the US, France, and Japan and feeling a bit of a chill down my spine. Could this be the end of the anime blogging scene based on new releases?, I thought melodramatically. Of course I suspected in the long run that the efforts would meet the same fate as the RIAA’s efforts to crack down on illegal downloads, and the chances of being caught are still close to infinitesimally small. That said, who’s in the least bit surprised that this is actually fallout from the long Odex drama in Singapore and BayTSP’s careless (or perhaps overzealous) handling of the matter?

It should be noted the US downloader who was served was on Comcast, who is notorious for throttling all BitTorrent traffic, period, legal or not.

This subject has been covered in numerous podcasts of ours, and our general point still stands: fansubs will continue to exist and thrive until a convenient and reasonably priced (and hopefully unencumbered) electronic way exists to acquire subtitled new releases not long after their airtime. I think the MangaNovel service that just opened offers a genuine way forward that I hope the anime distributors will take a closer look at.

Up Next from Michael this Long Weekend…

Hi everybody, it’s Mike. I’ve been away for while due to the confluence of school, staff meetings, and my parents being in town for Thanksgiving (we had our big dinner tonight rather than tomorrow). Here’s a sneak preview though of what I plan to put up this long holiday weekend:

  • Claymore director and character designer press conference transcript
  • Review/analysis of ef episode 7, as well as the same for Clannad and Kimikiss Pure Rouge
  • A fall midseason review

Thanks to Ray for keeping us alive all these days. Things are not quite yet back to normal, but they will be soon, especially after my academic quarter ends in a couple of weeks.

Singapore has canes, Singapore has guts for breakfast, and now Singapore has Yakitate!! Japan bread!

Remember our friends struggling for anime freedom in Singapore? Now for some special rations!

From ANN

Animax Pitches Yakitate!! Japan in Singapore with Bread 

…part of the promotion for Animax’s Southeast Asian English television premiere of the Yakitate!! Japan breadmaking anime series on November 28, Singapore’s BreadTalk store chain is offering Yakitate!! Japan buns during November…

Ray’s take:..and that’s great news. I got getting sick of having sploggers’ guts for breakfast and dodging police coming after me with canes, chains, spiked clubs, and claymores.   Good thing my ass is still intact. Oh, and I apologize for spray painting the cars with blood. Look, blood splatters happen when I eat sploggers’s guts raw!

What’s with the MariMite craze?

From ANN

MariMite Pizza Hut Japan Campaign, Fan Disk Announced 

…official website for the Maria-sama ga Miteru high school anime series has announced a Pizza Hut tie-in campaign, an OVA fan disk DVD, a web radio show, and a Comic Market exclusive CD…

…A fourth season was announced in the Japanese magazine Cobalt in July.

Ray’s take: Nope, I’ve never seen this one at all. But if some of you can assure me that it’s as exciting as Strawberry Panic, I’d definitely give it a shot! Or a few shots…Ahem.

And yes, I do have a mountain full of pizza boxes in my home. Time to get rid of that.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s Mike Huang flying to Hawaii!

From ANN

Hawaii’s Kawaii Kon to Host Eva Actress Yuko Miyamura

…Honolulu Star Bulletin newspaper has announced that Hawaii’s Kawaii Kon will host Yuko Miyamura, the actress best known for voicing Sohryu Asuka Langley in the Evangelion science fiction franchise, on April 18-20, 2008…

…guests include Mari Iijima, the singing and acting voice of Lynn Minmay in both the English and Japanese versions of the Macross…

Ray’s take: Anta Baka? Flying across the ocean will make your arms tired!!! Har har har har…

Yeah, I know. I didn’t say it was funny. Anyway, haven’t heard much about Miyamura Yuko for a long, long time. The last time I heard of her voice was in My Hime. Whatever happened to her anyway? I can picture Mike holding Eva Unit 02 in one hand and a body pillow a body length poster of Asuka in the other hand drooling for Miyamura’s autograph not because he cares for seiyuus but Miyamura makes Asuka, Mike’s old flame come alive (remember Mike got into the entry plug for the Halloween episode?)